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How much flow - what works for you?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AJ, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. AJ

    AJ Inactive User

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    So I know that there's not really a formula for flow that indicates how much flow is appropriate for a specific marine aquarium....and that is has more to do with the demands of your specific corals, the size of your aquarium, and how they are arranged.  So with all of these factors, I would love to hear what works for you.  Details like size of powerheads, changes in configuration (i.e. adding or removing powerheads), use of wavemaker and how any of these changes influenced your corals (more/less polpy extension, changes in growth, etc).
    I'll start.  I just have a 12g JBJ Nanocube right now, and I started out with just the stock return pump.  I upgraded that to a MaxiJet 900 and a Hydor Flo Deflector and it didn't seem like there was enough flow (I didn't think it looked like things were moving enough), so I added a Koralia nano.  I ran with that until I added an anemone and turned it off while it was finding it's home.  During that time, the corals seemed to inflate more and look better than they did with more flow.  So I took it out and that's how I've been running since.
    I would love to hear about what you learned on your tank and what you are running today.
  2. kgehrke

    kgehrke Inactive User

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    I had the same issue as you with a biocube 14, it was filled with mostly softies though, and a few LPS. Funny though, because I had the same exact set up, mj900, hydor, koralia nano. Then for a while a ran an aqua pod 12 with a fairly open scape. I ran a mj900 with a home made spray bar, and the previously mentioned nano on that with no problems. This was bare bottom. I think it comes down to placement of corals in small tanks like that.

    Now I run two modded mj900's that used to be in the above tanks with a mag drive 9.5 going to a sqwd, in about 100 gallons of water. It's bare bottom so I still don't think its enough.

    I'd love to run some sort of wave maker, or at the very least have more random flow, but it's expensive.
  3. snowman82

    snowman82 Experienced Reefkeeper

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    i'm running 2 Seio M1500's and a maxi1200 with mod on my 125. I am still playing with placement of the power heads cause it seems that no matter where they are i am blowing sand away from the bed and going down to the glass. they aren't even pointed down, just mounted to back of the tank blowing forward at about a 45 degree angle. the maxi is blowing strait across the front panel. I tend to rotate which PH's are on by just unplugging one here and there. I was running a cheap JBJ wave maker on the seios but they made an awful noise so thats no longer and i think i'll opt for controllable PH's if i go for a wavemaker again. I dont have much coral in the tank yet but what little i do seem to move quite a bit. I notice it most in my AOG's since they are the only taller softies i have.
  4. Paper Clip

    Paper Clip Inactive User

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    I also have an ap12 and run a mj1200 for return with a k-nano also, All the coral i have seems to like the flow, or at least don't mind it. Once a week or more i have to re-locate the k-nano because my 2 year old pulls the magnet off and it's hangin in the tank blowing everywhere. I also have to run the nano on the side pointing at the opposite corner or i have a sand storm and have problems with coral.

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