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help with chromis, possible popeye? please read.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Guest, Dec 25, 2007.

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    i bought a couple chromis a few days ago, one was missing for awhile.
    i found him under some rocks (not squished, he was fine) - but he wouldnt start swimming or eat. i put in him in a little container i have in the tank hanging on the inside.
    he has been "free" from the rock since last night and i havent seen him eat - he also seems to have popeye or some sort of fugus? i read that stress or like abrasions can cause a simliar look (like popeye)
    what should i do? if it is popeye ive read to use maracyn 2 and if its not, i should leave him alone and keep an eye on him.
    thanks for the advice in advance!
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    I think you should remove the fish from your tank, put it in a ten gallon or suitable container.  Use a sponge filter, heater and treat with the recommended medication.

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