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Fall Fest Help - need someone to bring t-shirts from Des moines

Discussion in '2018' started by beckerj3, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. beckerj3 Expert Reefkeeper Board of Directors Leadership Team GIRS Member

    West Des Moines, IA
    +611 / 2 / -0
    Need last minute help to transport the t-shirts from Des Moines to the fest. Maureen became Ill during the night and cannot drive. She lives in Urbandale. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.
    Please post here or send me a Pm?

    @GIRS Member
    @Region: Des Moines & Ames
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
  2. Waterrat41 Addicted Reefer GIRS Member

    Des moines
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    pm'd ya

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