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Hello Again

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jag3365, May 30, 2008.

  1. Jag3365


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    Hello everyone.
    I used to troll these boards here and on reefcentral.com for the past few years.  Well we recently moved and thought it was a good time to shut down my 125 gal reef at the time.  Since then we're now up to 2 kids and my time has been pretty limited between work and the family.  So I think I am going to hold off on putting something up at home for awhile.  Diapers come before fishes I'm afraid!  So I am tankless at home at the moment...maybe I well set up my old 45 with FW for the kiddies.
    A year ago I had a nice 12 gal nano cube going at work.  Everyone loved seeing the SW side of aquariums.  Unfortunately we had a "incident" with a heater breaking and lost everything overnight.  I decided to shelve the tank for awhile until I could gather the proper funds for another restocking.  Well a car accident, insurance claims, and new minivan later I am still penniless for my nano.  I however gave the SW bug to a coworker....which has prompted me to rejoin the SW community.
    We have just finished a home built stand, and have a nice 65 gal sitting waiting for us to fill it.  He's gotten me excited again for starting up another reef tank.  We're both pitching in and hope to have the tank wet in a week or two.  I'll try to keep updates going as we start from scratch again on this one.  I have really missed trolling these forums and reading the wealth of info from fellow reefers.  I was bummed the past year I was unable to attend any meetings as I always seemed to work.  Now with the two of us we look forward to myself getting back into the swing of things...and hopefully have drug a new recruit into the land of SW.
    We are from the Dubuque area and both work at the local airport.  We spend 24 hour shifts here so it will be nice to have something to help occupy our time.  I know there is not alot of DBQ action going around, but I look forward to visiting with Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, and Quad Cities folks.  We try to frequent AE in Davenport when we can.
    Sorry for being so long winded...I am stuck at work and not much else is going on atm.  Hope to get back in the swing of things with this group and look forward to trying to meet many of you in the coming year.

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