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Have an ACIII and want to view your params online?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Waverz, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Waverz

    Waverz Expert Reefkeeper

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    Here is a fairly simple and free way to access your Aqua Controller online.  This feature is especially nice for when your out of town and need to check on your tank.
    Step 1. Go to https://www.dyndns.com and register for a free account
    Step 2. Once logged in, go to Services, and then Dynamic DNS, then Get Started
    Step 3. Here you pick your Hostname, something like myreef.kicks-***.org, Select Host with IP Address and enter your IP Address, then hit Create Host.
    Step 4. Once your service is activated you should be able to type in the hostname you created followed by ":whatever your port your AC is on" into any web browser, for example myreef.kicks-***.org:81
    As long as your ACIII is properly setup and is properly configured with your router it should work. 
    There are other ways of doing this but this way is free and easy, i hope it's helpful to you Aqua Controller users who want to be able to check your tank paramters online.
  2. Lee

    Lee Experienced Reefkeeper

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    will this work with other Aqua Controllers, or only the AC3?
  3. Waverz

    Waverz Expert Reefkeeper

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    This will only work with an ACIII, If i remember right you should be able view Aquanotes using a similar method. It's been awhile since i have had to do it that way though.  I think if you select Enable Web and Run as Service in Aquanotes you should be able to use the same method, its just a matter of setting up Aquanotes properly.  So basically rather than connecting to the ACIII's built in webserver you would be using Aquanotes server.
  4. jtesdall

    jtesdall Expert Reefkeeper

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    Lee, this is the same service we had hooked for your AC2 and Aquanotes. Remember the free beer?
    This method works well, but some firewalls in your router will block this. You have to go in and unblock the ports this needs. We had to this on Lees.
    Reeftrakker can do this as well on a webpage. But right now it is only works for me. It may be ready for others in 2010. /DesktopModules/ActiveForums/themes/_default/emoticons/cool.gif

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