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Got more corals in

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Brett Petland WDM, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Brett Petland WDM

    Brett Petland WDM Inactive User

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    Cabbage coral
    LARGE Elephant Ear
    Yellow Toadstool
    Brown & Yellow Toadstool
    Spaghetti Leather
    Pink Birdsnest
    Flower Leather
    Green Button Polyps
    Small SPS frag (birdsnest)
    Brown Digitata (Large)
    Green Cup Coral (Large)
    Pink Motipora
    Yellow/Green Montipora
    Pink Tip Plate Coral
    Pink Pocillopora Small frag
    and 2 small clarkii clowns
    also got 7 large rocks with good coraline algae on and a assortment of small corals on each rock. rock is going for a pretty good price.
    pm me or call me @ 515-371-0972 for any ?s
    thanx  Brett

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