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GIRS...and strange looks from shoulder surfers at work

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Guest, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    Anybody else get jabs from work about the girs website? Many people who see it as they casually walk by my cube (I really should get to work) think it's a porn site or something and feel the need to give me crap about it looking like "GIRLS".
  2. AJ

    AJ Inactive User

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    Hahaha...that's hilarious!  I've never gotten that..too funny!  Or maybe they just expect me to be looking at porn at work and it comes as no surprise to them.../DesktopModules/ActiveForums/themes/_default/emoticons/hehe.gif
  3. REEFer Madness

    REEFer Madness Inactive User

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    Better not be looking at me and my girl.[​IMG]
  4. IowaDiver Well-Known ReefKeeper

    West Des Moines
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    GIRS - Coral Porn for Real Men...and Women...
  5. h2so4hurts

    h2so4hurts Inactive User

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    Yeah, my GF says when she sees it she thinks it says GIRLS
  6. FishBrain Expert Reefkeeper GIRS Member

    New London
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    When i first saw it i thought it was girls. So do most people i think.

  7. slovan

    slovan Experienced Reefkeeper

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    I make the IE window smaller to fit the preview pane of Outlook so it looks like I am reading email. /DesktopModules/ActiveForums/themes/_default/emoticons/biggrin.gif
  8. nick

    nick Well-Known ReefKeeper

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    Posted By REEFer Madness on 04/01/2009 02:17 PM
    Better not be looking at me and my girl.[​IMG]
    then you shouldnt be uploading that to the internet for anyone to watch
  9. Bela

    Bela Inactive User

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    Yeah the only pr0n on the net with a big fish as a logo. Hmmmmm... gives me an idea for a lucrative business venture. /DesktopModules/ActiveForums/themes/_default/emoticons/rolleyes.gif
  10. Phathead

    Phathead Well-Known ReefKeeper

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    that is hilarious my boss just did a double take and thought it said girls too. Although I think he was upset it didnt say girls.

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