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Free/Re-home Getting out of the hobby

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by sohotang, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. sohotang


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    We are in Urbandale, not far from Merle hay Mall. Most everything is free. Just want it gone.
    Taking down 3 saltwater tanks, tanks are over 15 years old, None are drilled. Live rock is 12 to 20+ years old.
    The 2-55 gallon tanks are on a double stand and the125 gallon tank is on a wood stand.
    There is 1 Scopas Tang, 1 Yellow Tail Damsel and 1 pencil urchin available.
    There is 20 years of accumulated items.
    All will be available for pick up starting this weekend. Everything must be gone by Sunday July 5th. Salt, Heaters, Pumps, HOB Skimmer and Refugium, HOB filters, RODI unit and lots more. All lights are LED. 1st come first served.
    Bring help and plenty of buckets or totes for the rock.
    We will be posting this on Facebook Marketplace also. Most everything is free, a few items will be cheap. RODI unit, 100 GPD for $25.00. The 2 slabs of Brazilian Agate are not available.
    515-270-6149 leave a message if we don't answer.


    55 Reef.jpg

    55 FO.jpg
  2. Roman Experienced Reefkeeper

    Cedar Rapids, IA
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    I would be interested in you livestock

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  3. sohotang


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    Right now everything is scheduled to be picked up Sunday. I will let you know if it does not happen.
  4. I would be interested in some of your tanks/equipment if not picked up on Sunday. Also I see it says you replied via app. Is there an app for GIRS? I looked and can’t find one. Thanks.
  5. clown man Well-Known ReefKeeper

    Iowa city,iowa
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    If it falls throughout interested in all of it can pick up anytime 3198003599

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