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For Sale Getting out of the hobby for now. Shark, Stingray complete setup

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by racing32r, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. racing32r

    racing32r Inactive User

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    I am thinking of getting out of the hobby for now. I have a 4x8' acrylic shark and stingray setup. Tank is 380 gallons with a 100 gallon sump. Will come with everything in pics. Has been setup for almost 4 years. 6 Jebao wave makers 2 are spare, 5 water pumps 3 are spares, reef octopus 300 skimmer, over 300lbs live rock, led lights, ro unit, filter socks, 40 gallon breeder setup for quarantine tank. There are 5 anemone, some corals that puffer leaves alone, 4 california stingrays, 6 sharks 2 banded, 1 white spot, 1 coral cat, 1 horn and 1 epaulette. 1 clown trigger, 1 niger trigger, stars and strips puffer, Koran angel, 2 bonded pair white lightning maroon clownfish and 1 maroon, around 12 green chromis and a few damsels. Have had all the fish for over a year and some of them since when it was set up. Will not part out. Have over $10k in it. $4500 takes everything. The pictures dont serve any justice. I do have videos for serious buyers please.





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