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For Sale Getting out of hobby sale

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Fred, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. Fred

    Johnston, IA
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    I’ve been too busy to keep up with tank I am getting out for now. I have 125 gallon tank that has been running around 4 years. I am going to try and sell all animals first before I worry about equipment.
    All fish except one are 2 1/2 years or older so all are pretty accustomed to tank life.
    Powder Blue Tang-4 years old-7inches-$75(my favorite fish and very attached to this guy)
    Hippo Tang-5years old-7inches-$75(my second favorite and also very attached) these first may be a little high price but keep in mind they have lived in aquariums for half a decade and survived through different things. These tangs are very hardy and adapted to tank life.
    Yellow tang-4 years old-$30
    Yellow eye kole tang-1 year old-$25
    Red headed fairy wrasse-$35
    Leopard wrasse-$50(eats frozen/pellet)
    Yellow coris wrasse-6-7 inch-$20
    Six line wrasse-$10
    Atlantic Pygmy angelfish-$30
    Bonded pair of chromis-$10
    File fish-(eats aptasia)-$25
    Damsel yellow tail-(never been aggressive)-free
    Neon dottyback-$15
    Falco hawkfish-$10
    Mandarin dragonet-(eats frozen/pellet/flake)-$25
    Frostbite clown-(female- loves bubble tip nems)-$40
    Royal gramma-$15
    Black brittle starfish-free
    Green serpent starfish-(huge)-free
    Green gonipora-(hasn’t extended fully in a couple years but is still alive and not sure why it pulled its arms in-about size of golf ball when retracts to skeleton)-$25
    Candy cane-( had doser malfunction alk spike so these guys survived but definitely took some damage and fighting back to be normal)-30-50 heads-$20
    Green pocilapora(8inx8in pretty good size)-$60
    Pink torch-(this guy has a couple heads but about 1 1/2 years ago it stopped extending and hasn’t really ever got back to normal. Maybe someone can help it back to beauty. When fully extended it is very pretty)-$10
    Green wall hammer-(softball size or bigger)-$100
    Purple hammer-(1-3 heads maybe)-$25
    Green/purple hammer-(too many heads to count. Actually got so big the weight broke some branches so there are a few pieces with different amounts of heads)-$35-75$(Depending on the piece)-$150takes all
    Gold hammer-(1 head maybe 2 haven’t checked it in awhile)-$50
    Green frogspawn-(a few heads)-$50
    Orange octospawn-$50
    Redish mushrooms with texture-( not sure how to say it or what they are called. 4 of them)-$10 for all
    Green lobo-$20
    Acans-(5-8 heads)-$30
    Acans-(not looking the best never have maybe someone can make them feel better than my tank)-$10
    Purple tort sps-(took a little hit in the alk spike incident but looks like it should be all good)-$25
    Rose bubble tip-$20
    Now there are some corals/nems I can’t get off rocks so will be just selling the entire rock and you can do whatever with it you please.
    Rock 1-$35
    Purple stylo(8inch tall)
    Common red mushrooms(4)
    Rock 2-$100
    Big leather(12”x10”
    Green slimer(5”)
    Green paly(70 heads?)
    Zoa(don’t remember name orange yellow purple 20 heads?
    Unknown green sps
    Unknown purple/green sps
    Rock 3-$50
    Unknown pink sps(3”)
    Unknown green/purple sps(4 inch also has some recovery from alk spike)
    Green slimer(5”)
    Rose bubble tip
    Rock 4-$50
    Purple paly(30 heads?)
    Unknown Sps
    2 rose bubble tip anemones
    Bulk price for anyone wanting to buy bulk. Also willing to work on bulk prices so that I can get it gone.
    All fish for 400$
    All coral/nem not attached to rock 575$
    All rocks 175$
    1000$ for everything living you can have all live rock as well that doesn’t have anything on it if you want.
    I know I don’t have pics but for people seriously interested I can send pics. I also have had pics through the years on this sight plus I’ve had a few people to my house so some of you already have seen pics or in person. Like I said I’m very busy and can’t take care of tank but also hard to find time to photograph everything and may also be hard to get times lined up for people who do want stuff but I will try to make it work best I can. If it doesn’t sell by a certain time I will probably see what I can do about taking everything to lfs.
  2. Pufferman777

    Pufferman777 Well-Known ReefKeeper GIRS Member

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    I will take the yellow and Kole tang
  3. Tank

    +36 / 0 / -0
    Interested in yellow tang, six line, frostbite clown, and euphilia corals. Maybe all corals. Any pics?
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  4. amcvay1979

    Eastern IA
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    Pm sent
  5. I will take all the fish for $400. I have cash in hand. 641-990-3341. Call or text
  6. Nik Experienced Reefkeeper GIRS Member

    Windsor Heights
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    I would be interested in all coral.
  7. Easy E Novice Reefkeeper Leadership Team GIRS Member

    Shellsburg, IA
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    I will be in the Des Moines area Saturday and will buy any mushrooms or soft corals you still have, if you're available.
  8. Fred

    Johnston, IA
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    Everything sold pending pick up. I had a lot of offers and didn’t expect to get so many sorry to those I didn’t get to. But had people offering to buy everything so I went with it.

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