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For Sale Getting out. 120 gallon tall (4ft wide) setup being sold.

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by nickbuol, Sep 3, 2021.

  1. nickbuol Here fishy, fishy, fishy...

    Marion, IA
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    We are working to get our house on the market in a few weeks and are moving 1300 miles away, so the tank can't go with me. I am located in Marion and can help to tear down and haul things to your vehicle. It is in my basement, but we have a walk-out to make things easier.

    I have a posting for live rock already, and a few other items have already sold, but here is what I have left, which is most of it. Feel free to make offers for any or all of it. The more items you buy, the better (lower) the total "bundle" cost can be.

    • Eibli dwarf angel (hasn't picked at any corals that I've had, but your mileage may vary. He is very passive.) A fish like him would start at $75 online for his size.
    • Blue ("hippo") tang (about 6.5" long and 1" thick). This guy was beat up badly about 4 years ago and has the scars to show for it. I am not looking to sell him, but rather would like for him to go with the next fish. He is healthy now, just needs someone who isn't going to pick on him.
    • Purple tang. Spectacular 6" (if not a little more) and 1.5" thick super healthy and awesome. He gets along with the blue tang wonderfully, so I would like for them to go to the same home. LiveAquaria would sell one a little smaller for $400, local pet shops (not naming names because they have a business to run) sell small 2" ones for $200, so this guy is a real gem of a fish.
    Everything else:
    • 120 gallon tank with factory overflows.
    • Extra tall stand (in black)
    • 40 gallon sump with filter sock holder and space for a skimmer, heater, etc on one side, a bubble eliminator in the middle, and the return on the other side with room for chaeto, live rock, or Marine Pure blocks.
    • Lots of live rock including some covered in mushrooms or with Kenya tree coral (no aptasia or bubble algae)
    • Live sand
    • 4 powerheads (1500GPH new within the past 18 months)
    • 2 Marine Pure blocks (the 4inch thick ones) already in use and ready to replace more live rock
    • LED grow light for chaeto/algae in the sump
    • Heater
    • Filter socks
    • BRS GFO and carbon reactor with pump
    • Iwaki WMD-40RLXT-115 main pump
    • Aquahub Auto Top Off setup
    • Two VIPARSPECTRA programmable (with remotes) 165W (each) LED light sets (these are less than 6 months old and I run the white light at 10% and the blue at 25%, so they can get quite bright.
    • 20 gallon quarantine tank setup with filters, heater, light, etc
    • Mixing "station" with a food grade 20 gallon Brute garbage can on a stand above another food grade 20 gall Brute garbage can that has the wheels attachment. Store the clean water up above (I was using my RO/DI with a float valve inside the top one) and then use the spigot to full buckets or to fill the lower can and mix salt in there. Comes with a heater for the bottom salt container, and powerheads for both to keep the water moving.
    • Tons of misc items.
    You would need a skimmer and some way to make your water clean, but the rest is 100% "complete" for a 120 gallon system with QT tank for new inhabitants.

    I would love to just sell it all to someone, but will break things up too.

    The fish need to go soon, but it will be tricky to catch them without some of the live rock gone.

    $700 OBO for everything including the fish.
    $250 for the 3 fish (ouch, that is cheap)
    $500 for everything else.

    Sorry about the tank not having the glass cleaned. We are trying to prep our house to sell, so that tank has been neglected the past few weeks outside of fresh water, skimming, and feeding.

    I also couldn't get great photos of the fish. The lights were off and I turned them back on for the photos and they were a bit shy at first and so I put a little food in and then they were swimming faster than I could capture on my phone. I will add more when I get some good ones.

    I can get more information to people as they need it, just ask.

    The blue tang does like to splash in the water a bit, so there are two screens over the top, but he still creates a bit of saltwater creep on the tank and stand.

    full setup2.jpg

    Moved some of the liverock around after selling some. The yellow is sponge. I had the lights off until right before this photo, so the Kenya tree isn't all fully open.

    tank only2.jpg

    Note the top fin on the blue tang. He also has a scarred tail fin and right fin.

    blue tang1.jpg

    Sorry for the dirty glass, but this was the best shot I got of the purple tang. He was swimming fast, so his yellow tail fin is going back and forth, that is why it looks like part of it is missing. It isn't.

    purple tang.jpg

    Mixing station. The white stuff on the black surface is just some dried saltwater.

    mixing station.jpg

    Yes, it says "fish stuff". 20 gallon tank to the right, the box has the filters, heater, etc for that tank, there is a brand new auto feeder in the photo, misc tools, some kalkwasse, etc.

    Last edited: Sep 3, 2021
  2. Waterrat41 Addicted Reefer GIRS Member

    Des moines
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    These are happy, healthy, well cared for fish. A bargain at $250 !
  3. nickbuol Here fishy, fishy, fishy...

    Marion, IA
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    $600 for everything.
    $250 for fish
    $400 for the tank, all equipment, sand, live rock (everything but fish).
  4. Richard Crotty New User GIRS Member

    Ely, IA
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    sent PM
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  5. nickbuol Here fishy, fishy, fishy...

    Marion, IA
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    Fish are pending.

    Everything else is still available, but negotiations are in the works. If you are at all interested, now is the time...
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2021
  6. nickbuol Here fishy, fishy, fishy...

    Marion, IA
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    Fish are sold and on their way to their new home. (Thanks @Bcaster28@Bcaster28)

    Everything else is currently pending with pickup currently slated for later today.
  7. nickbuol Here fishy, fishy, fishy...

    Marion, IA
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    Everything is gone. Thanks everyone.
  8. Szmak


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    I'd like to come take a look at this on Thursday, 23rd. Let me know what works for you.

    Thank you,

  9. Szmak


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    Never mind, I just scrolled up after sending and see it's all gone.

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