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Gauging interest in base rock order $2 / lbs.

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Benji, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. Benji

    Benji Inactive User

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    I will be making a trip to Florida to visit a friend's collection operation and to do a bit of work.  I am gauging interest in some quality base rock.  I can bring back about 250lbs and would charge approximately $2/lbs. depending on quantity needed. 
    In the past, their rock has been full of holes and crevices and is porous and lite.  It will be free of organics but, should still be rinsed thoroughly before introduction to the tank/fuge.  It is also well soaked and will not/has not had any problems with leaching.  It is mainly comprised of CaCO3.  This is the same rock that is sold by many online vendors as "Key Largo" rock.
    If interested PM or post the quantity desired. I will be returning to Cedar Rapids on April 15th and will be around for pick up from April 17th - 20th.  I will only ship rock if less than 15lbs and at buyer's expense.
    I will post some picks of some examples of the rock that I've gotten in the past within a day or so.

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