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For Sale Full 75 Gallon Setup For Sale!

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Jaime, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. Jaime

    Jaime Inactive User

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    We are looking to exit the hobby. We have a drilled 75 gallon Marineland tank with stand, sump, skimmer, overflow box, lights, I believe around 80 pounds of live rock, the works! We set up the tank last summer, and honestly, have never gotten it to work quite right. Everything is in good working order, we just can't seem to get the water level right, and we are tired of trying. We have attempted to set it up as a bean animal overflow, and I'm guessing, an easy fix for an experienced reefer to get it running properly. We have decided to give it up, and maybe revisit it later on, when we have more time and money to put into it. There are currently fish in the tank (a yellow tang, 2 clowns, a firefish, and 2 snails). I'm hoping to sell it all in one shot. The pics you see are from when we first set it up, and it is not as clean today. We are located about 10 minutes west of WDM. Let me know if any questions! Asking $1000 for everything, and you pick up/haul.









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