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FS - SPS Round 1!

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Deleted member 120, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Deleted member 120

    Deleted member 120 Guest

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    Well here are the first of my SPS collection I am putting up for sale as the tear-down continues:
    Chip's Acro - 1" frag (as shown) = $20
    Birdsnest A, exact type unknown - 2.5" frag (as shown) = $40
    Birdsnest B, exact type unknown - 2" frag (as shown) = $30
    Acropora A, exact type unknown - 1.5" frag (as shown) = $20
    Green Millepora - 3" frag (as shown) = $40
    All coral are pickup only.  I live in Muscatine.  PM me with interest.  Sales garunteed only after payment recieved.  I am home on medical leave so arranging a time should be easy.  Please also be aware I have many other SPS, LPS, Softies and clams that are for sale but have yet to be posted so if you come by to pick one of these up you will have first shot at those as well!  Thanks!

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