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Fish Shipment 4-30-09

Discussion in 'Archive' started by IASeascapes, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. IASeascapes

    IASeascapes Inactive User Vendor

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    Here's a list of what we have in for fish and inverts.  I will follow later with the coral shipment after it arrives....
    Non-Reef Fish
    Black Puffer
    Green Bird Wrasse
    Camel Cowfish
    Eibli's Angel (loves clams!)
    Starry Trigger
    Tassled Filefish
    Volitan Lion
    Midnight Angel
    Harlequin Tusk
    Picasso (Humu Humu) Trigger
    Sargassum Angler
    Dwarf Lion
    Volitan Lion Black
    Porcupine Puffer
    Imperator Angel
    Melas Angel
    Black and White Heniochus
    Orangespot Filefish
    Questionable (possible) Reef Fish
    Bicolor Angel
    Coral Beauty Angel
    Flame Angel
    Yellow Longnose Butterfly
    Copperband Butterfly
    Bicolor Pseudo
    Strawberry Pseudo
    Blue Spot Puffer
    Cleaner Wrasse
    Sunrise Dottyback
    Canary Blenny
    Reef Safe Fish
    Red Scooter Blenny
    Banner (Bangai) Cardinal
    Pajama Cardinal
    Maroon Clown
    Green Mandarin
    Randall's Goby
    Yellow Mandarin
    Blue Hippo Small
    Blue Hippo Medium
    Powder Blue Tang M
    Powder Blue Tang XL
    Yellow Tang S, M and L
    Pinktail Trigger
    Five Bar Mystery Wrasse
    Six Line Wrasse
    Sunset Fairy Wrasse
    Possum Wrasse
    Lavender Tang
    Half Black Mimic Tang
    Purple Firefish
    Rosy Scales Fairy Wrasse
    Diamond Goby (all sizes)
    Green Chromis (hand caught large)
    Scooter Blenny
    Tomato Clown
    Sailfin Tang
    Lunare Wrasse
    Yellow Eye Kole Tang
    Lawnmower Blenny
    Sohal Tang
    Powder Blue Tang
    Naso Tang
    True Percula
    Peppermint Shrimp
    Cleaner Shrimp
    Emerald Crab
    Arrow Crab
    Mexican Turbo
    Bumble Bee
    White Sand Star
    Will post new shipment later of corals...
  2. FishBrain Expert Reefkeeper GIRS Member

    New London
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    How big is the porcupine puffer and how much is it ? Also the powder blue tang XL how much? I ask because I live to far away to just come by and see but if the price is right It would give me a good excuse to drive the 2+ hours to come check out your shop.
  3. Jtown

    Jtown Inactive User

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    Bill im going up to Seascapes in an hour or so.... Ill check these both out for you and post when i get home.
  4. IASeascapes

    IASeascapes Inactive User Vendor

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    Hey Bill the Porcupine Puffer is about 3.5-4" and is $46 w/o a guarantee and $60 with a guarantee. The XL Powder Blue is 6-8" easily and is $120 w/o a guarantee and $150 with. Weekend sale is 20 percent off of the first price ($46 and $120 respectively) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (so $36.80 and $96). Thanks for the interest!
  5. FishBrain Expert Reefkeeper GIRS Member

    New London
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    Nice I like the sound of that weekend discount If I lived closer I would be at your shop all weekend! LOL

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