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For Sale Fiji Cube custom tank builds

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Fort Dodger, May 27, 2018.

  1. Will at Fiji Cube (www.fijicube.com) is a GIRS sponsor, and offers custom build tanks. For those of you in the market to buy a tank, I figured I would post here so that you could get a sense of what it is like. I figured this was the best place to an unbiased post, for people wanting to buy a tank.

    To get your tank, you can contact: Info Fiji Cube <info@fijicube.com>

    My story, part 1:
    I wanted a reef-ready rimless tank, with an external overflow for a very clean look. Not just that, but I wanted the overflow mounted slightly off to the left side, so the tank isn't symmetrical. I also wanted low-lead glass, because I'm spoiled by having an acrylic tank and I'm used to amazing views and wanted the best. I wanted it to be exactly 72" long, and exactly 18" deep, and 18" tall for the look I want.

    I did a lot of research, and found a few very high-end builders in other states. Prices were pretty steep. I also was going to have to pay for shipping... which involves crating and is very expensive in and of itself.

    I found Fiji Cube here on the GIRS site, and requested a quote. I received a prompt response, and the price was better than an off-the-shelf similarly sized rimless aquarium from the cheapest supplier I could find anywhere on the internet. Plus, I don't even have to pay for shipping. I can just pick it up in Minneapolis. I thought maybe he had left off some of the features I want, and emailed to confirm. He in-fact confirmed everything, and sent a computer model of what the tank will look like:

    . Its 50% down to get rolling, so I jumped on it. I'm super excited, and will post pictures and updates below.
  2. blackx-runner Administrator Website Team Leadership Team GIRS Member

    Cedar Rapids, IA
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    Awesome. Definitely keep this updated as you get the tank and get the build going. You should try to get some pics during the manufacturing process too.
  3. Barrett GIRS Member

    Urbandale, IA
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    Now you have me curious, I am right in the middle of planning a new tank build.
  4. To keep costs down, I am building my own stand. To do this, I recycled an old 72" x 18" aquarium stand, completely disassembled it, and added new upright braces/legs to make it taller. I wanted the top of the tank to be as high as possible while still allowing me to stand in front of the tank comfortably to be able to reach the aft lower recesses of the tank. I stained the whole thing with Thompson's Water Seal. Next step is to add torsional bracing and some sort of removable cover for the front and sides.


    The stand was assembled with polyurethane glue and screws. All of the original nails were removed. Multiple 6" long vertical screws were also added to each vertical brace, except the front 1 x 6 which is removable to allow my sump to fit right in there. Total cost on the stand so far, about $25.

    I'm thinking of going with old cedar or reclaimed barn wood for the front and sides.
  5. I did hear back from Gaston at TankmeUSA.com with a quote, but it took so long to get the quote I had already made my decision to go with Fiji Cube. FYI, the quote from TankmeUSA.com was around twice the price of Fiji Cube when you factor in shipping, but it included their "zero" overflow, in which they actually drill slots for the overflow into the rear glass so that you have no boxy protuberances in your tank anywhere. Very cool but pricey.
  6. alexr

    Des Moines, IA
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    tankme tanks look incredible, if only the price was closer to marineland. Cant wait to see your fiji tank since all the tanks on the site are on the small side.

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