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Fall Fest Fall Fest 2019 - Community table/tank

Discussion in 'GIRS Events & Fests' started by beckerj3, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. beckerj3 Expert Reefkeeper Board of Directors Leadership Team GIRS Member

    West Des Moines, IA
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    We have done this at the last several Fests, and it was very well received, so we are doing this again!

    FREE GIRS Member fish, frags & equipment "community" table!

    This is a very simple thing to participate in:
    • You must be a GIRS Member (dues paid) - you can join/renew at the fest!
    • GIRS will provide table space and a 40 Breeder tank (with a light and heater) for any GIRS Member to bring anything they want to sell free of charge (meaning no % take, etc); fish, frags, inverts, equipment, rock, etc. Basically, anything you would sell if you had your own table, except you don't have to man your own table.
    • We will have a GIRS Volunteer manning this table and collecting & tracking payments
    • If you bring anything, you'll just need to sign in on a simple sign-in sheet with:
      • Your Name
      • Your "item prefix" which is just your initials
      • Phone Number (so we can contact you if someone has a question)
      • Your email & GIRS Username
    • Dry goods must be tagged (tags provided) which should include:
      • Item Number (your prefix + a number, like BC-01)
      • Item description
      • Item Price
    • Regarding the tank:
      • The tank will contain only a heater and freshwater - it's only there for temperature control.
      • Everything going into that tank must be bagged - nothing is to be placed directly into the tank water.
      • This tank is only for WYSIWYG fish, frags, and inverts.
      • The tank can also be used for pre-arranged sales/exchanges.
    • Tank Items should be marked! Just do what makes sense...like:
      • Mark your prefix (initials) and a number on the bag with a sharpie
      • Mark your price on the bag
      • Bring a list of your items on paper that has a short description, OR
      • Write down a description on paper that will be available
    • We ask that you don't abandon items. None of us want to take random stuff home, and we aren't going to give anything away if you don't want it. Pick them up before you leave, or designate someone to do that for you please!
    • You can collect payments for items you sell, or you can let GIRS collect the payment and you can pick up your $$ when you are ready to leave. We'll keep separate envelopes for each member.
    • You may bring items on behalf of someone else, but that's up to you to keep $$ separate - we'll attribute the tags and sales to only the person who physically brings the items. (essentially, you don't need to tell us whose stuff you are selling).
    Overall it is very simple - bring items, tag them, roam the fest, and pick up your $$ later.

    Please tell us if you are bringing anything, and how many items! We have additional space for more tables if needed.

    @GIRS Member
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2019
  2. marc111


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    I will be bringing
    (5) 3-4 in blue tipped brown acropora frags
    (3) 1 to 2 inch green M. spongodes
  3. Michael Frank

    Michael Frank Board of Directors Leadership Team GIRS Member

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  4. cameron lake Well-Known ReefKeeper

    Des Moines, IA
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    I’m gonna bring branching gsp and scrambled egg Zoas.

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