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DIY Fish food Date Poll?

Discussion in 'Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Region' started by CyberJester, May 27, 2009.

  1. CyberJester

    CyberJester Inactive User

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    hey all,
    I am now trying to get a date finalized for a DIY fish food.
    We are going to try to do this in June as well, as things have been kind of slow as of late and we have not done much.
    I am going to poll the available dates of June.
    This will be a multiple options poll.  please select the 3 best dates for you, then click on vote.
    I am going to include some weeknights on this poll to make sure that all segments of the IC/CR area gets represented.
    Also, I am sure I can drum some up, however, if you have any recipes or know of any recipes that the little fishes go crazy over please PM me with the recipe so we can narrow down what we want to make and I can purchase the ingredients.
    I am going to do this as one of the area sponsored events, so the club will be paying for the ingredients.
    Also, unless someone else volunteers, we will be doing this at my home down in my basement, however, good news is I have free beer!
    I am not polling for June 20th or the 21st again as this is the weekend of Nick and Steph's wedding.
    Also not polling for the last week of the month as the IC tank tour will be last Saturday in June.
    Thank you
    Jeremy Orchuk
    GIRS CR/IC area trustee
  2. AJ

    AJ Inactive User

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    Thanks for setting this up Jeremy. I'm looking forward to it!


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