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checking interest on a few items for sale

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Guest, Dec 25, 2007.

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    i will have a few things for sale soon probably, wondering if anyone is interested or if i should throw it in the swapsheet or something..
    i will have a 55 gallon tank with iron stand (holds 55 and 2 10 gallon tanks below)... i have the lids that i got with it and the fluorescent fixtures that sit on top of that also.. dont know the condition of the lids but they are probably fine. the trim is i think the oak pattern..
    this was set up for salt till i switched it over to the 40 breeder. i went BB on the 40 so the sand is still in the tank if you want it, ill put it in something...its probably 4 or 5? inches worth...
    uhmm.. also, i have a 48 inch PC fixture with 4x65w bulbs. i JUST replaced these bulbs about a month and a half ago. they have tons of live left. they are coralife brand bulbs i think its 2 actinc and 2 12k? will double check if anyone is interested. could probably sell the fixture or bulbs seperate if you want to make an offer..
    also still have the overflow which was looking to get 30 or trades for
    if you want all the stuff make me an offer for the lot.
    otherwise, make offers on individual items
    please PM me with offers and also respond to this thread with "PMd about ---" or something similar just incase.
    thanks for looking!

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