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Changing lights

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Guest, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    I am buying new T5 bulbs next month and would like some advice.  Softies only in my tank.
    The 2 possible set ups I am considering are:
    KZ's--2 Coral light 14K
             1 Coral light 10K
             1 Fiji Purple           
      My question with this is do I need to change one of the 14's for a blue?
            2 ATI Blue Plus
            1 ATI Aqua Blue 
            1 UVL Actinic White
    Also, do I change all the lamps at once or one at a time with a few days spacing.  At the present I have all giessman's 2 blue, 2 white.
  2. xroads Veteran Reefkeeper Vendor

    La Porte City, IA
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    I would go with your second choice & change them all at once.

    ATI & UVL are much superior quality bulbs then coralife.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    Not Coralife-- the first set up is all KZ's
  4. xmasia

    xmasia Well-Known ReefKeeper

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    check this out http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1706461&page=21 also this is grims page http://tfivetesting.googlepages.com/ grim suggests 4 Bulb Suggestion

    Blue Plus, Super Actinic, Aquasun, Blue Plus
  5. adampottebaum

    adampottebaum Experienced Reefkeeper GIRS Member

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    I have a 4' Giesemann Aquaflora bulb I'm no longer using. I wanted more blue in my tank so I traded it out for an ATI Blue+. It's only been used about a week. I'm not asking any thing for it, but donations/trades are appreciated. I'm in Cedar Falls if you or anyone else is interested.

    I am running:
    2- ATI Blue+
    1- ATI Aqua Blue
    1- Giesemann Actinic Plus
    along with a 4' and 3' actinic VHO's and I think it looks perfect. I just got my ballast back from Ice Cap for a repair a couple weeks ago and I can already see new growth on some sps and the colors of the corals are amazing.
  6. Eric Experienced Reefkeeper

    West Des Moines, IA
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    I would dig around in the forum amasia metioned as well as searching for some pics of different lighting scenarios to help you decide.  I was all about ordering the KZ Figi Purple until I read in several places that it's overpowering in less than a 6 bulb configuration and all of the pics I found with that bulb in 4 or 5 bulb configs looked too pink for me.
    I have a thread on Reef Central asking a similar question and the resounding answer was the UVL 75.25 & Blue Plus.
    I ended up with a 75.25 & ATI Blue Plus to supplement two of my stock bulbs in a 216w unit...still deciding on the other 2 bulbs.
    I've never heard of anyone spacing the replacement of the bulbs...to get any real benefit for the corals it wuld need to be over serveral weeks not days.  If your corals are adjusted to the intensity of T5's there shouldn't be issues.
    How old are your current lights and are they 36" or 48"?
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    I am trying to read up on all this but my old brain just doesn't grasp "par" but from what I have read I guess I will drop the purple from the equation. The lights I have now are about 10 months. 36". I'm going to go with the ATI/UVL mix and then play around with it and see see what I like best. I certainly have enough bulbs sitting around here to change things out with (LOL).
  8. ruggerkc Experienced Reefkeeper Board of Directors Leadership Team GIRS Member

    North Liberty , IA
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    Here is some more grim reefer reading.


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