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Carpool To Business Meeting

Discussion in 'Des Moines & Ames Region' started by Fence13, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Fence13 Experienced Reefkeeper

    Des Moines
    +300 / 1 / -0
    I am going to the business meeting tomorrow. I know you are all surprised by this news.

    If you are interested in going, and want to carpool, you are more than welcome to ride with me. Maybe take a quick look at the LFS in the area before we head back too. I have 3 extra seats, 4 if you want to be real friendly.

    PM or Text me at 515-724-3132.

    @Region: Des Moines & Ames
  2. Sponge Expert Reefkeeper Sponsor

    Marshalltown, IA
    +203 / 1 / -0
    Thank you Chris! for tagging me. I wanted to go but was not able:9(

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