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Care for your waterproof end caps

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AJ, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. AJ

    AJ Inactive User

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    I'm doing some prep work on my lights for my tank and that includes a good cleaning of everything.  In that cleaning, I noticed that there's two rubber rings on each of these caps; one really thin one that goes between the end that has the actual bulb conductors in it and the tube that supports the bulb, and a second one that attaches to the bulb support and an end cap that tightens the ring around the glass of the bulb.  Now these are VHO end caps; I'm not sure if T5's are the same.  So to my questions
    1) Is it advisable to put anything on these threads to keep them easy to move - like a trace amount of vaseline or something?
    2) What, if anything, do you put on the rubber rings to keep them soft, pliable and keep them protecting the conductive parts of the bulb and socket?
    I'm new to using these so I have no idea.  Thanks in advance.
  2. rvarner

    Ankeny, IA
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    AJ, I would use a silicone based lube because it won't break down as fast. Definitely a good idea to use something to keep them from breaking or tearing and drying out.
  3. FishandFire

    FishandFire Inactive User

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    If you can get your hands on some plumbers grease, that should work great. The stuff is amazing for gaskets, o-rings, etc. I get it from work, but I would guess that any large plumbing dept in a hardware/homeware store would have it.
  4. Gered

    Gered Experienced Reefkeeper

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    Check out menards for plumbers grease. I found it where all the solder, pvc glue and thread tape is.

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