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Building a canopy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dzabler, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. dzabler

    dzabler Inactive User

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    o ya you can see what the canopy looks like in my little pic by my name.
  2. dzabler

    dzabler Inactive User

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    OK so i cropped the pics to get them small enough.  sorry about them being cut off but it is better then nothing.
    This one is to see the gap between the 1x2s and the top sheet of plywood.
  3. h2so4hurts

    h2so4hurts Inactive User

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    Very nice! I'm glad you weren't scared by the nay sayers telling you to just go buy one...
  4. Travis

    Travis Well-Known ReefKeeper GIRS Member

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    You are going to paint the inside of the canopy correct? If not I would highly suggest it as even with several coats of marine grade varnish my stand is still taking a beating...

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