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**BNARC FRAG FEST 08**learn, win, DIY, buy, sell

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Imsracing, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Imsracing

    Imsracing Inactive User

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    Frag Fest Link www.bnarc.com/fragfest

    Second Annual BNARC Frag Fest

    and DIY Workshop

    Sunday November 9th 2008

    12:00 - 5:00

    Located in Johnny's Reefing Experience - Bloomington/Normal, IL

    Our frag swap is intended to promote the propagation and sharing of
    corals within the reefing community, so come enjoy a day of frag
    trading and saltwater education in Central Illinois. Used equipment can
    also be bought and sold at this event. The cost is $5 - Which includes
    TWO FREE RAFFLE TICKETS (BNARC Members and Children under 12 Free!)
    Non-members may use their entry fee towards an annual BNARC membership!

    12:00 Frag Swap Starts

    1:00-1:20 DIY Session 1

    2:00-2:30 DIY Session 2

    3:00-3:30 DIY Session 3

    4:00-5:00 Raffle and Final Buys

    DIY Sessions

    Session 1 will show you how to
    make your own refractometer calibration fluid from scratch and how to
    calibrate your refractometer with the fluid. Feel free to bring your
    refractometer along, or the club will be supplying small vials of test
    fluid so you can do it at home. Also, the clubs PAR meter will be on
    hand to demonstrate how to test your own aquarium for light intensity.

    Session 2 is all about
    Fragging. John from Johnny's Reefing Experience will be demonstarting
    how do frag and mount a sps coral and a leather coral. He will also
    have his diamond band saw to demonstrate how to safely frag a favia.
    The same process applies to acans and anything with large polyps. All
    frags will be raffled off at the end of the swap.

    Session 3 will be the noisy
    one. We will have drills and blenders out drilling holes and making a
    great all around reef food. The clubs diamond hole saws will be on hand
    and if you are a supporting member you can have your tank drilled for
    free. Mixing everything possible into one reef food will be the goal of
    making the best all around reef food. The food will then be raffled off
    at the end.

    Stations will be available for YOU to make your own Filter Socks,
    Reef Blower, and see the process of making a Foam Rock Wall and
    Aquascaping with Acrylic Rods!


    There are THOUSANDS of
    dollars in raffle prizes, graciously donated by over 20 sponsors. The
    list keeps growing every day, so check back. Please check out the
    sponsors page and don't forget to look at the list of prizes on our
    frag fest page. www.bnarc.com/fragfest/sponsors.php



    $20 table - $12 1/2 table - member - non vender

    $25 table - $15 1/2 table - non member - non vendor

    $50 table - vendors (vendors are considered any seller with a physical storefront)

    Note: Admission included with table purchase and selling used equipment requires a table.

    Contact fragfest@bnarc.com if you are interested in a table, or have any questions or comments.
  2. JB Veteran Reefkeeper

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    Thanks for the heads up! Just out of curiosity, what does BNARC stand for?
  3. Imsracing

    Imsracing Inactive User

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    Blooming Normal Area Reef Club
  4. RobynT

    RobynT Inactive User

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    Bloomington/Normal Area Reef Society !

    Hey JB, I was going to ask you if you had a better banner for our sponsor page (for GIRS). We copied the header off the Fall Fest page and it doesn't come out very clear. Check the tab for sponsors and you will see what I mean.
  5. JB Veteran Reefkeeper

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    I'll try to get a proper banner made for you. I'm a little behind on a lot of stuff right now and I'm a bit under the weather tonight so I'm not getting very caught up.

    I was also going to mention that you should submit a news item about your frag swap on our home page.

  6. RobynT

    RobynT Inactive User

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    That would be great JB!! I have to make sure I get a nice poster and some handouts to have at our Frag Fest, by the free admittance passes that GIRS donated to us. I hope it repays the donation ten fold at least!!!
  7. BGreenlee

    BGreenlee Inactive User

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    Due to the commercial nature of the event we will not be able to allow you to spam the GIRS website with this.

    Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  8. REEFer Madness

    REEFer Madness Inactive User

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    I just joined BNARC and was checking it out.  They got crap from RC also.
  9. RobynT

    RobynT Inactive User

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    Yup, they removed all of the 30+ postings I made on all of the midwestern club pages but I kind of expected it. It's ok, we've hit the home club sites and touched base with most of the clubs in other ways. Reef Central picks and chooses who gets to post with an iron fist. We're not worried about it affecting us much.
  10. Imsracing

    Imsracing Inactive User

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    Things are shaping up to be a GREAT event. We have 5 commercial Vendors and 12 Hobbyists signed up to sell. Also, be sure to check out the website for all the DIY information. www.bnarc.com/fragfest

    Our raffle is well over $4000 now and it is still growing. Here is the list of Raffle items

    One of a Kind Reef Themed Quilt
    Reeflo Snapper Pump
    Midwest Aquatic Denitrator
    Premium Aquatics Gift Certificate
    Seachem Chemicals
    Rods Food-10 Packs
    GIRS Fall Fest-3 full event passes
    Hamilton Compact Fluorescent Lamps
    Hamilton Halide Lamps
    Hamilton Digital Timers
    YZ Reef Gift Certificates
    Culvers/Blue Reef-Value Basket Certificates
    Air,Water, and Ice-Mighty Mite RO/DI unit
    PurelyH2O-RO/DI products
    Precision Marine Skimmer
    Various Company T-Shirts
    Reef Science Gift Certificate
    Reeflux MH Bulbs
    48" t-5 Retro Kit
    Fragging Kit
    Invisible Frag Rack
    Dual GFO/Carbon Reactor
    Loctite Epoxy Putty
    Egg Crate
    Frag Plugs
    Frag Rocks
    MH Reflectors
    BRS Eco Rox
    BRS 4 Stage RO/DI System
    Inland Seas Additives
    Midwest Reef Supply Gift Certificate
    Reef FX Gift Certificate
    Fish n Times Gift Certificate
    LPS Frags
    SPS Frags
    Zoo Frags
    Leather Frags
    Recirculating Skimmer
    Bio Balls
    Tsunami ATO
    Digital Auto Fish Feeder
    Blueline MH Bulb
    Dr. Foster and Smith Gift Certificate
    Omega Fish Food
    Reef Geek 48" t-5 Retro Kit w/ ATI bulbs
    Ceramic Frag Stations
    LifeGard Test Strips
    Lifegard Digital Temp Alert
    Lifegard Customflo Water System
    CORAL Magazines
    Pacific East Aquaculture Gift Certificates

    Hope to see some of you there!!
  11. Imsracing

    Imsracing Inactive User

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    The raffle is WELL OVER $5000 now!!!
    Dirk-The Master of Dry Goods will be coming with his usual dry good stock and he is bringing CLAMS!!!! If you have any special orders for him let me know and i can get you his contact info.

    Midwest Saltweter Frags



    Some of the frags coming from Steve from St. Louis!!!

    Here is a list of some of the SPS coming:
    ORA Acropora millepora - Bushy green
    Acropora formosa - Green staghorn
    ORA Acropora formosa - Blue tip staghorn
    ORA Acropora tortuosa - Blue staghorn
    ORA Acropora millepora - Bushy blue
    ORA Acropora millepora - Bright pink
    Hydnophora grandis - Bright green and fuzzy
    ORA Montipora capricornis - Bright green w/ purple rim
    Montipora digitata - Red branching
    Purple tri-color
    ORA Green deep water
    ORA Acropora nasuta - Green w/ yellow tip
    ORA Acropora millipora - Green w/ baby blue tip
    ORA Acropora hyacinthus - Green w/ baby blue tip (tabling)
    & many more to say the least!!!


  12. Imsracing

    Imsracing Inactive User

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    With some last minute sponsors, our raffle is NOW OVER $6,000
    Here are the additions....
    24" Scraper

    220 GPH Canister Filter

    Freeze Dried Cyclopeeze

    Aquarium Wipes

    Ocean Master Test Kit

    Instant Ocean Salt

    Octopus Dual HOB Skimmer

    DI Cartridge

    Digital PH Meter

    Saltwaterfish.com GC

    Ph Controller

    Dt's Oyster eggs

    Hope to see you guys there, i know there is a group going to attend GIRS Fall Fest!!!!

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