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Any Local Interest?

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by glaspie69, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. glaspie69

    glaspie69 Experienced Reefkeeper

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    I would like to offer one frag pack of semi-rare/rare palys and zoas to the locals. This pack would range in price from 250-350 dollars depending on the number of polyps included in the pack and what the polyps are. I'll list what I have to frag, please only serious inquires only as I will not be selling one or two polyps I'll be selling the whole pack or nothing.
    The list:
    Armor of God Palys
    Devils Armor Palys
    PPE Palys
    Stardust Palys
    Gold dust Palys
    Bam Bam Zoas
    Lunar Eclipse Palys
    Purple Deaths
    Nuclear Greens
    Lord of the Ring Palys
    Forest Fire Zoas
    Lunar Eclipse Zoas
    Tubs Blue Zoas
    5 Color Rainbow Palys
    Green Goblin Palys
    And a few others I don't readily know the names of.
    PM me for pics and questions.
    Thanks Jason

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