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All Livestock Must Go!!!

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Gillsandfins, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Gillsandfins

    Gillsandfins Inactive User

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    Well I joined the service and I'll be shipping out in September. I won't be able to take them with me. I would like to keep a few of my fish if someone has a large enough system to hold them until I can get mine back up and running. Most of the fish eat right out of my hand and are very healthy.

    Zebrasoma veliferum 7" $100
    Zebrasoma flavescens 6"-7" $75
    Paracanthurus hepatus 5" $100
    Ctenochaetus tominiensis 4" $80
    Acanthurus maculiceps 4" $200
    Naso lituratus 7" $150

    Salarias fasciatus (Algae Blenny) $15
    Escenius bicolour (bicolor Blenny) $20

    Elacatinus oceanops (Cleaner Goby) tank raised $20

    Centropyge bispinosus (Coral Beauty) Large $30

    Clowns and Damselfish
    Amphiprion ocellaris breeding pair-$50
    Chrysiptera parasema(Yellowtail Damsel) 6 for $15
    Chromis viridis (Blue/Green Reef Chromis) $3

    Pseudocheilinus hexataenia (Six Line Wrasse) $20

    I'll post my corals when I get a list ready.


  2. Marc

    Marc Inactive User

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    I can hold some for you I have a 240g system if you don't mind delivery... my name is marc 319-899-3875

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