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For Sale ACCEPTING Custom Glass Tank Order - 40% OFF Fiji Sump for a Custom Glass Tank Order

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Fiji Cube, Dec 1, 2018.

  1. Fiji Cube New User Sponsor

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    Hello everyone,

    We are running a promotion for a limited time only for Custom Glass Tank Order. We are offering for any custom tank orders, receive a 40% OFF on our Fiji Sump, our advanced reef collection that can be viewed here at www.fijicube.com

    We are located in Minneapolis and we would love to work with you to develop requirements and design your dream tanks!

    You can email us at info@fijicube.com for any inquiries. Below is a standard questionnaire to fill in order to understand better what you are seeking for. If you are unsure of the answers, don't worry, we can work with you and recommend what you need.


    Custom Aquarium Questionnaire: (you do not have to answer all the questions, and we can recommend most of the requirements and features)

    Dimension: Length inch x Width inch x Height inch

    Glass Type: High Clarity Low Iron or Regular Clarity

    Tank Style: Rimless (great looking tank) or EuroBrace (allow use of thinner glass)

    Glass Thickness: mm or inch (once we have the dimensions, we will recommend the glass thickness)

    Reef Ready Overflow: Yes or No

    Silicone: Black or Clear

    Overflow Type: Internal or External (overflow will be mix of acrylic made)

    Return: Drilled Return Hole(s) (Hole Size: 1/2”, ¾”, 1”)

    Quantity of Drilled Hole: How Many and Where

    Black or Color Film Background: Where

    Stand: We can build stand – both aluminum extrusion and multilayer plywood

    Sump: We can build sump – both glass and acrylic but make use of our current promotion 40% of our Fiji Sump Advanced Reef Collection.

    Thank you!
    Fiji Cube
  2. OneFishTwoFish

    OneFishTwoFish GIRS Member

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    I wish I was in the market for a new setup! Great tanks! I have had your 22g AIO cube for about a year now and love it! Definitely will be a return customer in the future

  3. Fiji Cube New User Sponsor

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    You tank looks great! :)
  4. I've been really happy with my Fiji tank. I wanted some custom items, such as higher water line than stock, off-center placement of a stealthy overflow, clear silicone, black backer,... it came with return nozzles, bulkheads, a pad to set under the tank (cut to match). The polish on the glass is great. The low-lead glass is gorgeous. Best glass I've ever seen. Its really bright like acrylic, but much easier to clean than acrylic. By far, this is the nicest tank I've ever owned. Will was responsive and very attentive for customer service. Faster responding to my questions than other custom tank makers too. The overflow is impressive quality with lids for the part inside the tank and outside the tank, and was Bean Animal ready.

    For as much time as I spend with the tank in the living room, and having visitors enjoy it too, its really worth while to get the tank I really wanted. No regrets at all. I'm pretty thrifty, but when it comes to setting up a main display tank-- life is too short not to enjoy the tank you want. Give yourself permission to get something nice and you'll enjoy it for years. I heartily endorse Fiji Cube.
  5. Plus I saved a bunch on shipping because I drove up to Minneapolis and picked it up. :)
  6. Fiji Cube New User Sponsor

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    Thank you for endorsing us and sharing this to the community!

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