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a whole lot

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Pet's Playhouse, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Pet's Playhouse

    Pet's Playhouse Inactive User

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    chalk bass                        royal gramma's
    scooter blenny's               red blue spot grouper
    diamond goby's                gold head sleeper goby's
    sixline wrasse's                sm yellow tang's
    6 dispar anthias  (2 males left)                6 purple queens anthias
    powder blue  tang            long spine urchins
    hermit crabs w/anemones                  raccoon butterfly
    brittle star                        webb burr puffer
    powder brown tang         short spine urchins
    pink skunk clown's            yellow blue spot watchman goby
    Carpet anemone's            african yellow anemone's
    tube anemone                  Carnation's
    soft milk finger w/devils hand       green bubble's
    soft finger                          helio fungia   
    favites                               red brain
    hydnophora                      lobophyllia
    green montipora cap pry about 3"x5
  2. Pet's Playhouse

    Pet's Playhouse Inactive User

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    sorry had some problems

    monti is also dual layer

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