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For Sale 8' 210 gallon whole system

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by D007, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. D007 Well-Known ReefKeeper GIRS Member

    Cedar Rapids, IA
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    great shape, just tired of 2 big tanks, goin back to just a 180
    still running with coral and fish
    plug and play complete setup, no issues

    tank 96x24x21tall great shape glass is near perfect, 2 small scratches by bottom, other than that excellent, clear euro bracing, easy to maintain being only 21" tall, semi shallow, custom tank, beveled glass edges, no issues at all. not drilled but comes with dual overflow.
    solid oak stand 4 doors, w removable quarter braces to fit sump/tank underneath, and solid pine canopy w/2 front access doors
    3 165w black box led fixtures, standard 2 wire for use with plug timers
    800gph eshopps dual overflow
    feed and return plumbing
    40 breeder sump
    filter sock holder
    standard clip on fuge light
    800gph adjustable return pump
    2 4' 2x54w hamilton tech ho t5 fixtures that supplement the leds very well
    250+ lbs live rock, no aptaisia, no hair algae, good coraline coverage
    caribsea aragonite reef special grade sand
    as much good water as you want to haul
    tank and equip 1900

    coral colonies
    1large and 5 reg godzilla yumas on rock
    lg 10-12" arch/cave rock with 20+ neon red shrooms and 1lg and 12reg godzilla yumas
    250+ polyp lotus zoa colony (lime/blk/ylo)on large 12" rock with 3 neon red shrooms
    8" across cabbage leather colony, pinkish with yellow polyps, looks purp w/yellow under actinic
    6x5" green nepthea leather colony
    13x10 red cap plate colony
    6x6" red cap swirling colony
    handful of red cap, red shrooms, green shrooms, and a couple godzilla yumas on the base rocks
    large 10" rock covered in gsp
    20 green implosion paly on large base rock
    lots of fern caulerpa, disc caulerpa, cheato, and 20ish lb live rock in sump that can go with
    80+polyp arctic ice colony

    lg 4-5" yellow eye kole tang
    3.5" adult strawberry dottyback
    5" adult velvet damsel
    lg lemon chromis

    2900 for everything listed.
    easy to load, you can back right up to it, but heavy, so will need help to load.
    not everything in pic is included (livestock) still shoehorning unlisted stuff into 180
    not parting out tank/equip at this time. will sell some of the colonies and kole tang tho
  2. D007 Well-Known ReefKeeper GIRS Member

    Cedar Rapids, IA
    +52 / 1 / -0

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  3. D007 Well-Known ReefKeeper GIRS Member

    Cedar Rapids, IA
    +52 / 1 / -0
    open to offers

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