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For Sale 75g Aquarium & More

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by TheGnomeLord, May 21, 2017.

  1. TheGnomeLord


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    Hello there! The time has come to clean out some of the final items I have been holding on to due to space restrictions. Here's a list with pictures & pricing:

    75g Aquarium w/Pressed wood stand : $200
    Comes with a free 2 chamber sump, roughly 15-20g capacity. Strip light included as well.


    55g Aquarium w/Solid wood stand : $75 obo
    Used for many years, this tank has some wear. The middle bracket that holds the lid is snapped, will need some repair work. Hand made stand has ample space for equipment, no door on the openings however. Comes with the strip light & canister filter for free .


    Coral Vue Moon Vue LED Light 45.2" : $50 obo
    Practically new. Used for less than 6 months. Comes with the original box for transport.


    Acrylic Overflow Box: $25
    Never used, fabricated by glasscages.com.


    Homemade media chambers: $5 each
    Works great with a MJ 1200, add the air injector and you've got a skimmer as well!


    Small external hang on style skimmer: $10
    Does not come with a pump - needs to be cleaned but works great.


    Jager True Temp 150w heater: $20
    Never been taken out of the box!


    Phosban Media Reactor: $15 ea
    I have two of these available. Works great with a MJ 1200 - can be loaded with lignite carbon or Phosban with great results.


    Coralife Power Center/Wave Maker: $20
    Color coded outlets control certain functions that can be set up on custom timers. Very useful for many applications!


    400w Metal Halide fixture w/5 various bulbs: $75 obo
    This light comes with various used bulbs that have been saved, and one brand new bulb still in the box. Reflector could use some polishing, ballast has always been rock solid.




    Other random items include:
    Penguin Hang on Bio - Wheel Filter: $15
    Used but still in good working shape.

    Mag Drive Pump: $35
    Very powerful pump, used for a return for over a year.

    55g barrel: $20
    Aquired from Northland Oil before they used it, clean and perfect for water changes or water reservoir

    External Overflow Box: $30
    Hang on Overflow box. Great substitute for an internal overflow!

    Instant Ocean Buckets w/lids: $2 ea (7-10 available)

    Loc Line tubing, flare nozzles: $10 for all

    Bulkhead of various sizes, Schedule 80 with thicker o rings: $5 for 1/2" $10 for 3/4"

    I will also have a grab box of other used random items that will be free. Water test kits, smaller water pumps, filter floss, filter media, aquarium supplements, PVC piping & various connectors, egg crating, etc. These items are too numerous to list here but whoever comes by will get free pickins.

    PM me with any questions and I will do my best to answer them!

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  2. TheGnomeLord


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    The aquariums are cross posted so move quick if you're interested.
  3. Kungpaoshizi Well-Known ReefKeeper

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    what town ya by?
  4. TheGnomeLord


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    The equipment and aquariums are all located in Evansdale, right by Waterloo.
  5. TheGnomeLord


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    The 55g setup sold this evening, but everything else is still available. Send me a message and shoot me an offer if you have interest in anything.
  6. Jaked


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    I'm interested in the reactors. I work 2nd shift in Waterloo, what times work for you that I could pick them up?
  7. TheGnomeLord


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    PM Sent to Jaked

    The 75g system is spoken for, sale is pending. I will post up here when it is sold & gone. Everything else is still available.
  8. TheGnomeLord


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    The 2 Phosban Reactors sold today! Everything else is still available other than what has already been mentioned above. PM me with an offer if you're interested in anything - everything must go one way or another!
  9. TheGnomeLord


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    The 75g aquarium, the CPR external overflow box, & the Penguin Bio-Wheel filter all sold today!

    I would also like to reduce the pricing on everything else, check out this list:

    Moon Vue LED light: $30.00

    Acrylic Overflow Box: $15.00

    Jager Heater: $15.00

    Coralife Power Center : $10.00

    400w Metal Halide: $35.00

    Mag Drive Pump: $20.00 (Smaller Lifeline Pump: $5)

    55g Barrel: $5.00

    Instant Ocean Buckets: $1.00 ea or $5 takes them all

    Loc Line Tubing: $5.00

    Bulkheads: ½” $2.50 ¾” $5.00

    I still have quite a few water pumps of variant sizes and types, as well as BRS dry supplements in my free box for anyone that comes to buy something from the list. Everything must go, one way or the other, so if you're interested in anything PM me and we can try to work out a deal.

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