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75 gallon w/ sump FOR SALE!!

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Guest, Jan 11, 2009.

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    I am in need of the open space and money so i need to sell asap!![​IMG]
    1- 75 gallon glass (not drilled)
    1- Canopy w/ Odysea compact lighting system (removed from case and mounted to canopy w/ balasts on top)
    1- Prof. built oak stand with two doors
    1- aqualight 4 fan cooling system
    1- Aquarium Systems Wave maker power outlet (6 plugs)
    2- 900 maxi jet powerheads
    1- Pro Clear aquatic systems Wet/Dry sump (10 gallon sump with built in protein skimmer w/ powerhead, hardly been used in great condition)
    1- Quiet One 2200 sump pump in box
    1- Over flow box w/ all neccessary tubing
    1- Mag Float glass cleaner
    641-919-8519 Brandon or email me at b_luke99@hotmail.com
    $400.00 OBO
    Sorry the tank is not the cleanest!!![​IMG]
    [script removed]

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