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55 gallon freshwater for sale

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Guest, Aug 31, 2008.

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    This fish tank has been set up for about two years and it in great running order. This is a 55 gallon fish tank.This tank comes with a two cartridge top filter, and also comes with an undergravel filter that helps ariate the bottom rocks. There is a powerhead that helps with the water movement, and the fish enjoy swimming in it also. There are two air pumps that power the under gravel filter and the bubble stip located in the rear of the tank. The stand has one center door and the lighting consists of two florecent light bulbs. I am selling this tank becuase i recently bought a 75 gallon tank so i no longer need it. 

    2 tiger oscars
    1 tangerine ciclid
    2 redtail botias (control snails in freshwater tanks)
    1 placo bottom feeder
    1 african convict ciclid
    2 african convict ciclid babies
    I will include the remaining food, cleaning tools, water conditioners, water treatment bottles, filters, etc..
    Pick up by buyer is the only option, i will not be breaking down the tank or transporting it.
    You can contact me at 6419198519 anytime, if i dont answer leave a message. You can also email me for pictures if needed.
    Make offer!! serious buyers and offers only!
    Thanks for your time,

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