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2024 Grow Out Contest!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ruggerkc, Aug 11, 2023.

  1. ruggerkc Experienced Reefkeeper Board of Directors Leadership Team GIRS Member

    North Liberty , IA
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    2024 Grow out contest!

    Once again GIRS is bringing you exciting corals at prices you will appreciate for our next grow out contest.

    Special thanks to Ocean Man Aquatics and Chummingham Reef for providing the corals.

    The rules are the same as last year, but please take a moment and read them.

    Contestants can buy one frag of each coral offered.

    Every time you post your grow out pic on GIRS website or Facebook page you get $5 back up to $30.

    Chummingham Reef Euphoria about 1” $65 ends up being $35.



    Rainbow Hornet Zoa $45 frag 5-6 polyps ends up being $15.


    John Deere lepto $40 ends up being $10.


    Now the rules:

    The rules have changed so please read carefully.

    1. Do not need To be a paying member.
    2. Must pick up corals from a trustee or arrange your own shipping or pick up. All corals for each region will be sent to the trustees.
    3. Every month you post a pic of the coral or corals purchased you will get $5 returned to you at the end of the contest (maximum $30). It is preferred that you post on the GIRS Facebook page #GIRS24growout andon the GIRS forum. Not everyone uses Facebook so one or the other will be accepted.
    4. If your coral dies you can still get reimbursed if you post a coral/fish/ocean news article or meme or anything interesting on GIRS Facebook #GIRS24growout or/and the GIRS forum.
    5. In addition to receiving money back for posts, we will also be awarding a 1st ($50) and 2nd ($20) place prize for each of the 3 corals. To qualify for prizes for any of the 3 corals, you must also post at least 8 times for that coral.

    Prizes will be awarded as follows (End of contest picture required for each category):
    Prizes for Zoa frag will go to the persons with the most polyps on their frag.
    CR Euphoria and the John Deere Lepto will be a drawing. Everyone who keeps the coral alive qualifies for the drawing.
    6. No more than one of each coral per contestant.(one person can compete with all 3 corals). If there are extra corals when the contest starts we will sell the extras to contest participants first.
    7.Contest will run September 2023 thru August 31 2024.
    8. First 15 people in each category to Pay Pal are in.

    PayPal address is




  2. ruggerkc Experienced Reefkeeper Board of Directors Leadership Team GIRS Member

    North Liberty , IA
    +180 / 3 / -0
    Get your corals before we sellout!
  3. Is this competition looking to sell out?
  4. ruggerkc Experienced Reefkeeper Board of Directors Leadership Team GIRS Member

    North Liberty , IA
    +180 / 3 / -0
    If the competition was for best username, you win.
    It will sell out but I don’t have PayPal access so I can’t say how close we are at the moment.
  5. Thanks! I like to have humor in my names. I like to make people laugh! This is my first competition, and am just pumped to get it started!
  6. beckerj3 Expert Reefkeeper Board of Directors Leadership Team GIRS Member

    West Des Moines, IA
    +606 / 2 / -0
    Hey Netfish and Chilli' - did you sign up for the contest? What's your name (Paypal) and address?
  7. I did! I've talked with Casey and Paul. I will get my frags on Saturday afternoon.

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