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2008 Christmas party dates?

Discussion in 'Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Region' started by CyberJester, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. CyberJester

    CyberJester Inactive User

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    Alright looks like the 13th is going to be the day of the party, but I am going to poll about a couple of dates and times for that weekend just to check.
    The times arn't firm, just really trying to get an Idea of what everyone wants.
    Phishcraze, I am all for a location in between the IC and CR, however, due to the short notice of this, someone will have to host this at there home.
    I have already volunteered, though if someone who live in between the 2 citys is willing to volunteer to host we could have it somewhere else.
    Although until I have a volunteer to host somewhere else, I will plan on having this at my home in CR, some time on the weekend of the dates listed below.
    The Dirty Frag Santa sounds interesting we will plan on doing that so if you haven't fragged that colony yet that needs it, get it fragged.
    We will also do this as a potluck style event.  Whomever hosts (currently me) will make the main course (ham, turkey, whatever).
    So after we finalize the dates we will do a sign up for items to bring.
    If you have any questions just PM me or email at j.orchuk@mchsi.com
    Hope to see you all at the Christmas party!!!!!

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