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Pet Store Directory

Directory of Pet Stores

  1. Corrections

    Added Aquatics & Exotics to replace the listing for AC&C
    Removed Adam's Aquatics & added Crowned Aquatics
    Removed Coral Haven (closed)
    Updated a few FB links
    List is still about 3-4 years out of date overall.
  2. Updated

    Added Home Grown Pets (Marion)
  3. Updated

    Added Mermaid's Cove
  4. Updated

    Marked Coralville Bay, Bronson's Fish House, and Saltwater Empire as Closed
    Added 4 Paws Unleashed
  5. Updated

    Added Ames Petco
  6. Updated

    Marked Exotic Critter Corner, Coralville Bay, and Waterloo Petco as closed
    Added Mason City Petco
    Re-ordered Petco list alpha by city/area
  7. Added Exotic Aquariums & Pets

    Added Exotic Aquariums & Pets in Pleasant Hill, IA (DSM area)
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