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Website Resource Addon Configurations

Addon settings and tweaks that should be checked on upgrade or it something seems off

  1. Bud
    Addon - Tapatalk: Perform after any update of Tapatalk XF addon

    This removes the annoying pop-up when mobile users navigate to the site. Tapatalk uses a back door to force this even if you uncheck the option on the front end.
    1. Enter ACP
    2. Enable Debug Mode
    3. Click Development Tab
    4. Click Code Listeners
    5. Find Tapatalk section
    6. Template_Hook, Uncheck box
    7. Disable Debug Mode

    Removed Addons: what was removed and why (so the same mistake isn't repeated)

    Addon - Admin Notes: Removed
    There was a bug that prevents adding another administrator, addon isnt' that great, replaced it with a dedicated Resource Manager category w/permissions
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