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GIRS Forum User Roles

Greater Iowa Reef Society
Forum User Roles

Registered User ("User")

A Registered User is defined as any individual or entity who has registered an account on the forum.

All Registered Users must read and accept the User Agreement. Becoming a Registered User on the forum does not make one a GIRS Member.

GIRS Member ("Member")

A Registered User who has paid their yearly GIRS Membership Dues becomes a GIRS Member in accordance with the GIRS Constitution and General By-Laws.

GIRS Premium Member ("Premium Member")

A GIRS Member who has applied and been approved for GIRS Premium Membership and has paid their yearly GIRS Premium Membership Dues becomes a GIRS Premium Member.

A GIRS Member may apply to become a GIRS Premium Member if they meet all* of the following conditions:

  • Has been a User of the forum for at least 2 years
  • Is currently a Member and is in good standing with the Club
  • Has been a Member for at least 1 year
  • Must reside within the area defined by the legal border of the State of Iowa or all parts of any cities geographically located such that any part of the city is within reasonable distance of the legal border of the State of Iowa (determined on a case-by-case basis).
  • Has at least 500 posts and/or has shown good dedication to the club in terms of contributing help and advice.
  • Does not directly own a brick & mortar storefront
  • Does not carry any wholesale products which require their direct retailers to maintain a brick & mortar storefront
  • Is or has previously been a Sponsor (with Banner) or was a former Vendor Sponsor (without Banner) (Note: This is a one-time applicable "grandfather" condition applied as the sole discretion of the Board of Directors)

The GIRS Board of Directors shall have final consideration of all candidates that meet the above criteria and reserves the right to deny any candidate for any reason.

GIRS Sponsor ("Sponsor")

For Commercial Members to post services or items for sale on the GIRS Forum, they must register with GIRS as a Sponsor.

Meeting any of the following criteria would classify you as a Commercial Member*:
*GIRS Premium Members are exempt from these criteria

  • You sell products under a business name
  • You file taxes for a business that is responsible for delivering, growing, producing, or otherwise manufacturing the items you're selling
  • You actively make or buy and resell products or livestock for a purpose other than supporting your personal tanks
  • You are a sponsor on another similar forum or website
  • You have your own website or Facebook page for marketing your products

If you can answer "YES" to any one of these questions, you may be classified as a Commercial Member, and you should immediately contact the Board of Directors for further determination.

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