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GIRS Discipline Policy

Greater Iowa Reef Society
Discipline Policy

This policy is referenced by the User Agreement and is therefore an integral part of the User Agreement and should be considered as such.

A 3 strike Protocol is used when we have to get involved/clean-up threads/posts where actions have been deemed inappropriate.

Strike 1: Warning and probation

Offender will be reminded of the 3 strike system and placed on a 60 day probation period. They can still remain active on the forums and attend club events. During the strike 1 probation period, any further issues will result in an immediate ban. Issues after the 60 day probation would be strike 2 offense.

Strike 2: Suspension

Offender is suspended from forum and club activities for 30 days.

Strike 3: Ban

Offender is banned from the club and the website. Ban can only be reversed with an appeals process.

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