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GIRS Classifieds Guidelines

Greater Iowa Reef Society
Classifieds Guidelines

The following is a guideline for how to most effectively use the Classifieds system. This guideline is referenced by the User Agreement and is therefore an integral part of the User Agreement and should be considered as such.

Item Listing Recommendations

Relevant Items: Listing in the Classifieds are to be aquarium related. You may list non-aquarium related items, but these items should be listed as an Non-Hobby-Related item.

Details: The more detail about your item you include, the fewer questions you will have to answer. When listing a non-coral item, it is helpful to include the model number, manufacturer, age, condition, usage history, repair history, defects, etc. For a Willing To Buy / Looking For listing, or a For Trade listing, try to provide as much detail as possible regarding what you are looking for.

Pictures: Include pictures in your listing if at all possible. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Location: Please specify your location. You can modify your user settings so that your location is shown below your picture/avatar, but not everyone pays attention to this. Also, that location information does not always show up for users viewing the listing on mobile browser (unless they rotate their device sideways) and does not show at all when viewing on Tapatalk.

Price/Value: All listings should include an asking price or trade expectation.

Form of Payment: If you have a preference for how you can or want to get paid, you may want to list it. Examples: Cash in Hand, PayPal, Dwolla, Check, etc.

Shipping: If you are not willing to ship, please indicate so. If you are willing to ship, please specify an approximate cost.

Web Links: Per the User Agreement, it is not permitted to link to a listing on another site. It is permitted to link to another site that provides product information, such as a manufacturer's website or an online retailer of the same product.

Priority of Buyer: How the sale is conducted is at the Seller's discretion, but this should be made perfectly clear up front so there is no confusion. If you, as the seller, feel it is necessary to sell items very quickly instead of holding them and/or waiting for someone to pick them up, these items should be clearly marked "CASH IN HAND SALE" - the first person to put cash in your hand gets the item, and holding the item for a particular buyer is at your discretion.

Questions to the Seller

If you, as a Buyer, would like to negotiate a "deal" (pricing, partial trades, etc) this should be done using the Private Message (Conversation) system, unless the seller has explicitly requested that all negotiations be handled on the Classified Listing.

If there appear to be details missing from the listing that you feel would help you and/or others, don't hesitate to post a question on the listing.

Conducting the Sale

Selling to someone is done at the discretion of the Seller. If there's a good reason not to sell to someone, they don't have to. However, this should not be exploited to show preference to friends - if you want to do that, offer the item for sale privately to them first.

It is strongly encouraged to honor the "first come, first served" approach to offers for purchase; honor the offers in the order they were received. The Seller should give reasonable expectations for a time to pickup. If these expectations are not met, the item can be put up for sale again.

After making an agreement for a sale, a Seller should not accept offers from others for more money or a better trade. Similarly, a different Buyer should not offer more for an item that is pending sale. This type of action can lead to negative feedback on the B/S/T Feedback forum.

Your listing should be updated as soon as items are sold, or at your first opportunity:

  • If you have sold an item and it has been picked up (Sold, gone, etc)
  • If you have made an agreement and are holding an item for pickup (Sale Pending, Pending Pickup, etc)

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