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375 Gallon tank, other misc tanks & supplies for sale in Des Moines

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by xroads, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. xroads

    xroads Veteran Reefkeeper Past Officer GIRS Member Sponsor

    I am posting this for Kirk Embree of Central Campus
    Aquariums For Sale – Moving and must sell - 537-5542 please leave a message[/b]
    -         375 Gallon Aquarium, glass, front panel low-iron (a.k.a. starfire), 96” X 36” X 25” (L X W X H), custom built for live coral display, drilled with overflows to accommodate 4 – 1½” PVC pipe drains to sump, 6 years old, NO SCRATCHES, wooden 2 X 6 stand is frame only and ready to be built into a wall[/b]. - $600[/b]
    -         60 gal. Oceanic Glass Aquarium, 36.5” X 18.5” X 21.25”, used, not drilled. - $50[/b]
    -         40 Breeder Glass Aquarium, 36” X 18.25” X 16.75”, used, not drilled, wood 2 X 4 stand. - $35[/b]
    -         30 Gallon Glass Aquarium, used, not drilled, huge finished wood stand. - $30[/b]
    -         2 – 75 Gallon Glass Aquariums, used, overflow drilled with 2 holes in each to accommodate 1” PVC plumbing, wood 2 X 4 stands. - $85 each[/b]
    -         75 Gallon Flatback Hex Clarity Plus ACRYLIC Aquarium,  , SCRATCHED BADLY, if you don’t want to polish it then don’t call, acrylic stand and acrylic hood.  Great for holding, rock curing or quarantine. - $25[/b]
    -         120 Gallon Glass Sump, 72.5” X 18.5” X 23”, 4 – holes drilled to accommodate 1” PVC pipe, wood 2 X 4 stand. - $125[/b]
    -         2 - Glass Sumps, 23.5” X 19.5” X 15.25”, drilled. - $35[/b]
    -         Tidepool Bio-Wheel Sump - $15[/b]
    -         Glass Tank, 21” X 12” X 17” , 3.5” diameter hole drilled in bottom right front corner, new, ½” thick glass. Great for a surge tank. - $35[/b]
    -         Glass Tank, 26” X 12” X 17”  , 3.5” diameter hole drilled in bottom left front corner, new, ½” thick glass. Great for a surge tank. - $35[/b]
    -         2- Tunze 6200 Pumps and Controller, magnetic mounts. - $250[/b]
    -         2 – 250 Watt HQI PFO Lighting Metal Halide Pendants, dual core and coil ballast with heat sink operates both pendants. - $250[/b]
    -         1 – 250 Watt Hamilton Technology 14,000K HQI bulb, brand new in box. - $40[/b]
    -         9 – Kent ProscraperM Stainless Steel Replacement Blades - $1 each[/b]
    -         12 – Kent Proscraper Plastic Replacement Blades - $.75 each[/b]
    -         Euroreef RS-80 Protein Skimmer, 24” tall, 5” diameter in sump pin wheel skimmer with pump.  Used but works GREAT. - ($125)[/b]
    -         ASM G-6 Protein Skimmer, 48” tall, 8” diameter, requires three needle wheel pumps, pumps need work or replaced or may need new impellers[/b]? -$75[/b]
    -         2 – 125 Gallon Food Grade Water Tanks with wood stands for RO and Saltwater storage. - $75 each[/b]
    -         Gold Barred Maroon Clownfish PAIR, wild caught, 5 years in captivity. - $50 pair[/b]
    -         Regal Tang (DORI), 3.5” long, beautiful color, NO head and lateral line erosion, 6 years in captivity. - $45[/b]
    -         Live Rock, hundreds of pounds, some with hair algae, some base rock, individual rock size range from 1 lb. to 60 lbs. each, all approximately 1 to 30 lbs.= $3/lb, 30 lbs. or more $1/lb. – You bring a shipping container. Buy it all and I’ll make a deal.[/b]
    -         Hundreds of lbs. used crushed coral/sand – FREE to a good home.  You bring a shipping container.
    -         3 – Instant Ocean Salt in bucket, 160 Gallons of salt mix, sealed, approximately 6 years old. ($25 each bucket)[/b]
    -         11 – Instant Ocean Salt in 50 gal. bags, 200 Gallons of salt mix per box, sealed, 4 years old. ($30 each box)[/b]
    -         3 – 2 Gallon Sets of ESV B-ionic 2- Part Calcium Buffer System (1 gal. part A and 1 gal. part B). - $10 each[/b]
    -         Spectrapure RO/DI, 100 gallons per day water purifier, two unopened prefilter cartridges and 1 unopened carbon cartidge ($25)[/b]
    -         Custom Sealife 9 Watt Hang on the Back UV Sterilizer, used. ($5)[/b]
    -         8 – Seagarden Anemones, realistic looking imitation anemones, brand new still in original box. ($2 each)[/b]
    -         Red Sea Wavemaster Pro, pump controller wavemaker, like new condition, still in box. - $45[/b]
    -         Phosban Reactor 150 – Two Little Fishes, brand new and still in original box, 1L Seachem Phosguard brand new, 600g PhosBan. -  ALL $20.[/b]
    -         1 – Hydor Koralia 4, 1200 gal. per hour powerhead, brand new and still in original box. - $25[/b]
  2. xroads

    xroads Veteran Reefkeeper Past Officer GIRS Member Sponsor

    Also, he dont want to sell 5 lbs of rock here & there. He is willing to make a deal if someone takes it all!
  3. bearsareawsome

    bearsareawsome Well-Known ReefKeeper

    well dang it. prolly wont be nothing left when i get back but i guess if there is ill be there buying
  4. xroads

    xroads Veteran Reefkeeper Past Officer GIRS Member Sponsor

    Remember everyone. THIS IS NOT MY STUFF.

    Please call the number at the top of the post

  5. daalbers

    daalbers Well-Known ReefKeeper GIRS Member

    called lsft message
  6. called left message
  7. Gordo

    Gordo GIRS Member

  8. Has anyone heard back from him? I called and left a message earlier today but haven't heard anything.
  9. Gordo

    Gordo GIRS Member

    Nothing, I left a message around noon.
  10. daalbers

    daalbers Well-Known ReefKeeper GIRS Member

    haven't heard anything yet
  11. Armydog

    Armydog The Frag Man and Expert Reefer GIRS Member

    He is a teacher there i believe so he was prob busy plus prob a lot of people have called
  12. Waverz

    Waverz Expert Reefkeeper GIRS Member

    I'm surprised the "someone" isn't you.  You know you want those anemones.
  13. Ive called also, but I can understand the busy teacher thing. Is anyone else after the Clarity Plus setup?
  14. mthomp

    mthomp Expert Reefkeeper

    Wow, from the looks of it for about 2grand a person could have a nice tank and everything you would need for a fish room. I am very envious of whoever gets this.
  15. I just want the RO/DI unit so I can stop slowly killing my tank with tap water!
  16. Id like to get the Red Sea Wavemaster Pro, pump controller wavemaker, like new condition, still in box and a box of salt if he happens to read this
  17. Turbo's Aquatics

    Turbo's Aquatics Administrator Website Team Board Member GIRS Member Sponsor

    left message. Probably will take a big chunk of the LR at $1/lb you can't beat that
  18. Reefman

    Reefman Experienced Reefkeeper GIRS Member

    I talked to him last night for about an hour,
    Real nice guy...

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