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  Fall Fest 2014
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Upcoming Events
  • Waterloo/Cedar Falls October meeting (10/25/2014 1:00 PM)
    10/25/2014 1:00 PM

    Waterloo/Cedar Falls October meeting

    Please come out to Anemones, Clowns and Corals Saturday October 25th 1pm. We will we having a state of the region meeting. We hope to engage in productive conversation on how to better serve the region and increase participation. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

    Bullet points for October event.

    -PIZZA -> well get some pizza at the Anemones Clowns and Corals!

    -DOOR PRIZES we will have door prizes for all whom attend.

    -Discuss ideas on how to grow and better serve the region.

    -Try to identify other persons in the region willing to help plan events.

    - I have a chlorine test kit from Bulk Reef Supply that I will split up to others in the region to help build the BRS chloramines database.

    -We will have a tank tour soon, so we need to identify persons willing to show off there set ups.

    -Set up Fall Fest carpools

    -Possibly watch some Mr Saltwater Tank videos

    This is a member event and a great time to become a member or renew. But if your not a member and want to check it out. Everyone gets to attend one event a year member or not.
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  • Fall Fest 2014 (11/15/2014 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
    11/15/2014 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Fall Fest 2014

    Saturday, Nov. 15th


    Clarion Hotel and Event Center


    Location: Clarion

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2015 Board of Directors - elections time

Board of Directors – 2015

Hey club members!  It's time to conduct elections for 2015 Officers.

Nominations started yesterday.  They will run thru Tuesday night November 4th.  Nominees will have until Tuesday night November 11th  to accept or decline their nominations.  Elections will start on Monday November 17th and run thru the end of day on Sunday November 23rd.

Check out the Club member forum for a full description of the process, descriptions of the responsibilities for each position and then separate forum threads for nominations for each position.


Jeanette Becker

GIRS 2014 President

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ruggerkc created the event Waterloo/Cedar Falls October meeting

Waterloo/Cedar Falls October meeting

State of the region

1 hour ago

Davereplied to: RE: Gone Fishing

Love it!  That is what I wanted to do to remove our huge sailfin tang that we were rehoming but my wife was absolutely opposed to that idea so we...

2 hours ago

Jfalconscreated the topic: FS 2 Kessil a360 we leds $500 CASH!!

2 Kessil a360we's used only 2 months. Purchased new from BRS in March. They are in new condition, put away in original boxes. This is a great deal as ...

3 hours ago

Danimalreplied to: RE: 90 gallon with stand and canopy and sump

What kind of deal u thinking ?

10 hours ago

OneFishTwoFishreplied to: RE: 65g Starphire and Livestock FS!

and also the large rock with the stunner chalice has a MINI carpet anemone.... did not clarify properly

12 hours ago

SGMreplied to: RE: 20 gal setup

Sorry forgot to ad would trade for corals.

12 hours ago

OneFishTwoFishcreated the topic: LF AI nano

Anyone have a AI nano (preferably with controller) they are looking to part with?

13 hours ago

OneFishTwoFishreplied to: RE: 65g Starphire and Livestock FS!

sorry everyone!! the pump is a jabeo wp-25 not a 40! my bad!

13 hours ago

AdamLawrencereplied to:

I had for a year than got ick and lost a few fish now I set up a 20 gallon QT tank now all my fish go their frist

13 hours ago

bhowardreplied to: RE: 75 Gal System FS - Everything Must Go

No fish and/or coral for sale, I sold all those about a year ago.

14 hours ago

jeremyreplied to: RE: Gone Fishing

Lol fishing at home... Nice catch.

14 hours ago

SGMcreated the topic: 20 gal setup

20 gallon high glass top stock light or 24 Inch 2 bulb t5 black stand sand some small chunks of live rock 20 lbs or less Heater fluval 204 can...

15 hours ago

ruggerkcreplied to: RE: Waterloo Cedar Falls October meeting

Don't forget Saturdays event!

15 hours ago

mpivitcreated the topic: Gone Fishing

A friend of mine recently tore down his tank, and I acquired his large 4-5 inch blood hawkfish. I knew adding him could be a risk, but it was a cool ...

15 hours ago

Justin S.replied to: In search of Quarantine housing. My fox face rabbit fish has white spots

Manchester Iowa is a ways away. But do you have experience with fox face rabbit fish?

15 hours ago

Reefmanreplied to: RE: 65g Starphire and Livestock FS!

Pm you on Mandarin Dragonette.... I will take him.

15 hours ago

OneFishTwoFishreplied to: RE: 65g Starphire and Livestock FS!

Located in Iowa city

16 hours ago

OneFishTwoFishcreated the topic: 65g Starphire and Livestock FS!

I will be downgrading to a couple 6-10 gallon tanks, hoping to save some money.  So  I will be selling all of my equipment and most of my li...

16 hours ago

xroadsreplied to: RE: Jason Fox Lethal Lepto

one of my favorite corals, but I have so many favorite corals. I like my hulk one too

18 hours ago