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  Fall Fest 2014
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Fall Fest 2014

Saturday, Nov. 15th


Clarion Hotel and Event Center


Monday, August 04, 2014/Author: blackx-runner/Number of views (332)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: No rating
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Allenreplied to: Good news / Bad news looking for advice!

Perfect Lee. Sounding like St Louis. So about 4 hours not too bad. Thanks for all that information and pictures. Helps a ton!!!!!!55g to a 120g down t...

1 hour ago

rmclaughlincreated the topic: Electric Oompa Loompas for Sale

I fragged my huge colony of Electric Oompa Loompas almost two weeks ago, and the frags look great. I have quite a few frags of them ranging from singl...

2 hours ago

sblomgrencreated the topic: Lots for sale


5 lights @ $275/each

Only one controller – Will throw in if all 5 are purchased or make an offer

I also have the light rail...

4 hours ago

Kpotter2replied to: Moving - Selling Entire System

PM'dSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

4 hours ago

Kpotter2replied to: September Meeting 2014

It was nice meeting you Bill! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

5 hours ago

Kpotter2replied to: September Meeting 2014

Yes had a great time ! Glad you all took the time out in your day to come talk fish. Next up tank tour in IC/ CR. Sign up coming soon to show off you...

5 hours ago

Reefmanreplied to: RE: Blue Hippo Tang

Sold. Pending pickup...

6 hours ago

Mikereplied to: RE: WTB Hammer Coral

I sent you a message.

7 hours ago

oddhobbies101replied to: RE: setups fs/ft

taking offers letting this stuff go cheap

10 hours ago

mikesams05p71replied to:

$20 for the 55. $10 for the filter. Trades welcome.

11 hours ago

mikesams05p71replied to: Re: FS/FT 55 and 20 Gallons

11 hours ago

mikesams05p71replied to: RE: FS/FT 55 and 20 Gallons

20 gallon setup sold for $20.

11 hours ago

SGMreplied to: RE: 36 gallon reef tank


12 hours ago

Leereplied to: RE: Good news / Bad news looking for advice!

Any idea how far away you might be relocating?  I moved my 20H several times during college. Granted it was never more than a 1 hour move, it was...

12 hours ago

Turbo's Aquaticsreplied to: RE: DIY food

I have a big spreadsheet. I'll be posting the ingredients here, you could also look through the DSM group forum for the last one we did, I think the ...

14 hours ago

Borky00replied to: RE: September Meeting 2014

Thanx for all the good information and supplies, looking forward to the next meeting.

14 hours ago

Borky00replied to: RE: DIY food

I am out of town so I cannot get to this event but where can I go for recipes? I want to make some foods at home. THX

14 hours ago

xroadsreplied to: RE: low phosphate/nitrate flake food

I dont think any of them tell you how many phosphates are in the food. That being said, I would give ocean nutrition a try. I have had the best luck...

15 hours ago

rhymechizelreplied to: RE: Blue Hippo Tang

Pm sent

1 day ago

walker1replied to: RE: HW Trace tip elements 1+2

Only additive I used was Seachem Fuel really liked it and did 20% water changes every other week I use to add additives with trace elements and did mo...

1 day ago