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Xenforo Transition

After about a year of planning, preparation, and testing, the Greater Iowa Reef Society forum will be making the move to Xenforo!

As of 3/31/2015, the conversion is not complete - the conversion company is still working on the final product.

If you are reading this, that means the transition has not happened yet.  You will notice when it has!

The final bugs in the conversion process are currently being worked through.  This process has taken a bit longer than expected, but the change should be happening soon.

The current site will remain open until the new site is online, but registrations have been disabled.

If you are new to GIRS and don't have an account, please send an e-mail to and I will put you on a list and notify you directly when the new site is online and open for new registrations.

In the meantime, you can watch some of the orientation videos I have put together in this thread:

GIRS Xenforo Orientation Videos

Thanks to all that have helped, and thanks for your patience!

- Bud Carlson (Turbo's Aquatics)

GIRS Treasurer & Webmaster-to-be

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Recent Activity

bearsareawsomereplied to: RE: parting stuff out

hammer head magnic cleaner with blade attachment and extra blades. (this is not included in the tank deal) -40 90 gallon tank for use as sump (so...

1 hour ago

jazzybio13replied to: RE: Over before it began

I shot ya a text...

1 hour ago

Nikreplied to: RE: Live Aquaria order.

By saturday. everything she wants is on sale this week.

1 hour ago

Nikreplied to: RE: Over before it began

is this the skimmer? Super Reef Octopus SRO-3000INT 8” In Sump Protein Skimmer

1 hour ago

blackx-runnerreplied to: RE: BRS Order

darn, those must have went quick...

2 hours ago

DangerJreplied to: RE: Over before it began

Holy moly, those are great prices for your equipment. Wish I had the cash laying around for your 120. Good luck with your sale!

2 hours ago

nielsen2773created the topic: Over before it began

I was just getting back into the hobby and I have lost interest already, I think I have Adult A.D.D 1. Reef Octopus Skimmer 3000int $300 2. Kessi...

3 hours ago

Maureenreplied to: RE: BRS Order

Darn it is out of stock! Do you think it will take a year to come back for ordering again?

3 hours ago

jeremyreplied to: RE: BRS Order

Nice. Lol.

3 hours ago

Maureenreplied to: RE: Live Aquaria order.

When are you wanting to place the order?

3 hours ago

abowercreated the topic: BRS Order

Putting in an order to BRS for some across seed. Anyone wants some let me know!

4 hours ago

violet21chewyreplied to: RE: in tank quarantine container

I ended up using a basket from the dollar store attached to PVC pipe hangers. Found the nem, which was in bad shape and now nursing it back. My contai...

15 hours ago

Maureencreated the topic: Coral Imports

Has anyone bought from Coral Imports?

17 hours ago

Placidreplied to: RE: wtb anemone

Here is a link to a photo. Very comparable...

19 hours ago

Placidreplied to: RE: wtb anemone

I have an amazing Quad colored BTA that just split for me about 2 months ago. Its a frosted strawberry BTA. It has a green mouth with white snow flake...

20 hours ago

Nikcreated the topic: Live Aquaria order.

I will be placing a Live Aquaria order  for a friend this week. I am at 120.00. Need 225 for free shipping.

22 hours ago

Turbo's Aquaticsreplied to: RE: Transition to Xenforo Forum Software starting...soon

At this rate, that's about right! Most of the conversions they do are cookie cutter, like wordpress to vbulletin or VB to IPB, etc. This one has bee...

1 day ago

JBreplied to: RE: Transition to Xenforo Forum Software starting...soon

LOL, those guys must be making like $.50 an hour.

1 day ago

Turbo's Aquaticsreplied to: RE: Transition to Xenforo Forum Software starting...soon

Changed the thread title, as this is dragging on a lot longer than expected. Just so everyone knows, as of this posting the forum software has NOT ...

1 day ago

MadManMadridreplied to: RE: Quarantine the CUC?

Right that's why I said on the snail haha not in. So basically anything can have the ick cyst on it. Just it needs fish to continue its life cycle

1 day ago