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Tuesday, December 02, 2014/Author: blackx-runner/Number of views (96)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: No rating
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Recent Activity

tangmanreplied to: RE: Kessel led #60 series.

I think you should try to find A250. BRS had them for $299 a while back. It would save you a little money. I like my A360's

35 minutes ago

FishBrainreplied to: RE: Fs Breeding pair of clowns Picasso & Perc

How about tomorrow? Wife just informed me we are going to inlaws in NL tomorrow. Give me a call 319-217-9692 will be up tell 12 or just call me in the...

59 minutes ago

tangmanreplied to: RE: Reef Octopus

sale pending

1 hour ago

acidlittlereplied to: RE: 40g breeder and ext tank mount

ever make it to the ames area?

2 hours ago

D007replied to: RE: Fs Breeding pair of clowns Picasso & Perc

christmas day would not work, too busy with kid and family stuff. only time id be available on christmas would be later in the evening

2 hours ago

FishBrainreplied to: RE: Fs Breeding pair of clowns Picasso & Perc

I will be in north liberty on Christmas Day. If you could meet me there I would give you $50 for them?

3 hours ago

Borky00replied to: RE: The Reefers Code

I think that is a neat idea. I was never in the hobby long enough to know about the free trade concept but it is a friendly idea. I think it was Face ...

3 hours ago

HarleyHawkreplied to: RE: The Reefers Code

I 100% agree with glaspie69 but I am afraid those days are done. But I would be willing to help bring them BACK.

6 hours ago

xroadsreplied to: RE: Who has my tank!?

Was any of the glass panels savable? Or did everything shatter?

7 hours ago

Saddoris(DSMpunk)replied to: RE: The Reefers Code

Oh I know, wasnt complaining or anything. Times change. While Im at it though, what happened to beef prices? Come on! Glaspie, didn't you help se...

8 hours ago

Reef Medic Clayreplied to: RE: Who has my tank!?

That tank was an absolute gem... I was and still am bummed beyond belief that it got broken in my move! It was such a gorgeous tank, I have a lot of...

8 hours ago

Armydogreplied to: RE: The Reefers Code

I remember when gas was 90 cents lol... prices go up.... I'm sure all of us are willing to trade things as long as the other person has something that...

9 hours ago

Saddoris(DSMpunk)replied to: RE: The Reefers Code

Yep. I remember when our frag swaps were free, just a few tables. People pretty much gave frags away. I cant remember anything going for more th...

9 hours ago

D007replied to: Fs Breeding pair of clowns Picasso & Perc

Bump. obo

10 hours ago

Saddoris(DSMpunk)replied to: RE: Curious- what is the oldest coral in your tank?

I managed to hold onto a tiny frag of a green bali slimer I got from Bullet in 2003 I think. I pulled the colony and gave it away when I had to b...

10 hours ago

Geredreplied to:

Guess I should have never let it go! That was a very pricey tank to go boom

11 hours ago

MXC207replied to: RE: I was wrong about AIs ;)

I love my ais. Got sols over my frag tanks and vegas over my 180 display. I dont think ill ever switch manufacturers. They work and look great!!

12 hours ago

F.D. Reeferreplied to: Who has my tank!?

Yep that's itShe gone 😭

15 hours ago