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  Fall Fest 2014
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Upcoming Events
  • Waterloo/Cedar Falls October meeting (10/25/2014 1:00 PM)
    10/25/2014 1:00 PM

    Waterloo/Cedar Falls October meeting

    Please come out to Anemones, Clowns and Corals Saturday October 25th 1pm. We will we having a state of the region meeting. We hope to engage in productive conversation on how to better serve the region and increase participation. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

    Bullet points for October event.

    -PIZZA -> well get some pizza at the Anemones Clowns and Corals!

    -DOOR PRIZES we will have door prizes for all whom attend.

    -Discuss ideas on how to grow and better serve the region.

    -Try to identify other persons in the region willing to help plan events.

    - I have a chlorine test kit from Bulk Reef Supply that I will split up to others in the region to help build the BRS chloramines database.

    -We will have a tank tour soon, so we need to identify persons willing to show off there set ups.

    -Set up Fall Fest carpools

    -Possibly watch some Mr Saltwater Tank videos

    This is a member event and a great time to become a member or renew. But if your not a member and want to check it out. Everyone gets to attend one event a year member or not.
    Read more
  • Fall Fest 2014 (11/15/2014 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
    11/15/2014 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Fall Fest 2014

    Saturday, Nov. 15th


    Clarion Hotel and Event Center


    Location: Clarion

    Read more
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Sunday, October 12, 2014/Author: blackx-runner/Number of views (56)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: No rating
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Recent Activity

HarleyHawkreplied to: RE: Ocean Revive Leds

49 minutes ago

SGMcreated the topic: 2 free damsels

Can't rememberthe variety name off the top of my head. There gray with blue streaks all around them. Pickup in ankeny.

1 hour ago

rhymechizelreplied to: RE: 2 sea hares for trade

here are some pics [URL=

2 hours ago

jstngatesreplied to: RE: new to here and looking for coral

I'm in marshalltown just Google them pics will be close. I will throw in some xenia too.

2 hours ago

tangmanreplied to: RE: new to here and looking for coral

Here is my number if you have questions. I sent you the message about the corals. 319-230-3460

2 hours ago

Justin S.replied to: RE: PAR METER

I have the par meter now.  It will be avaliable once again this Sunday.  I think Jeanette is looking for it next. Stay posted.

2 hours ago

Romanreplied to: RE: wtb buy fish

Pm me on price for dragon wrasse

2 hours ago

HarleyHawkreplied to: RE: WTB: Live Rock

I have about 50 pounds off nice seed rock ( have been in my 50 gal tank with no light on it just heater and power heads for 3 months) 2$ pound I want ...

2 hours ago

rhymechizelreplied to: RE: 2 sea hares for trade

I'm in sterling IL. I make it to quad city and even iowa city on occasion.

4 hours ago

jazzybio13replied to: RE: wtb buy fish

I've got a pair of breeding Clarkii clownfish ~5yrs old. $100. But I'm in Ames so unless your coming to the Salute the hobbiest event this Sat...

5 hours ago

Armydogreplied to: RE: Gonzos GIRS LIVE SALE !!

Definitely interested you always have great corals

6 hours ago

Turnerreplied to:

I've got 30 pounds of it

6 hours ago

Doublednreplied to: RE: 2 sea hares for trade

where are you located?

7 hours ago

iowa206replied to: RE: new to here and looking for coral

Jstngates were are you located and do u have any pics

7 hours ago

DangerJreplied to: RE: Gonzos GIRS LIVE SALE !!

Any sales on your Box o' Crap items?

7 hours ago

jstngatesreplied to: RE: new to here and looking for coral

I have gsp, Kenya trees and blue clove for free

7 hours ago

joshgimerreplied to:

I'm in!! Being in the middle of corn Iowa, I usually have to order my stuff. I missed out on the last sale but that shipping price is great! It makes...

7 hours ago

OneFishTwoFishreplied to: RE: wtb buy fish

I have a dragon wrasse if you are interested. He is about 3". Let me know!

7 hours ago

GoodGreefreplied to: RE: 75 gallon-The beginning


8 hours ago

Tony L.created the topic: WTB: Live Rock

I'm looking for one or two very nice pieces of live rock to seed the bare stuff I have in my new set up; must be pest free.

8 hours ago