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Burlington Region Christmas Party

Burlington Region Christmas Party

Wednesday, November 19, 2014/Author: Chlora/Number of views (63)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0
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Ray/Jen_ReefinHappy Thanksgiving. To all the Quad City's Reefers!!!!! Be Safe.

4 minutes ago

    ReefNinjareplied to: RE: Kessil A360-W

    Still have these?  I only need one would you be willing to split the set up?

    7 minutes ago

    aussiereplied to: RE: Few things for sale

    Pm sent

    10 minutes ago

    walker1replied to: RE: Few things for sale

    Just 1 and yes it's used but very clean

    25 minutes ago

    Reefmanreplied to: RE: Frag Shopping

    If you get up this way I have the following: Armor of God colonies Tubbs Blue Rastas Trumpet Colonies

    1 hour ago

    beckerj3replied to: RE: Vertex Omega 180i

    I just ordered and rec'd the Vortex Omega 150.  Installed it last night.  Looks like a quality bad ass skimmer.  Super quiet. ...

    1 hour ago

    larryreplied to: RE: Equipment For Sale

    pm u on 33

    1 hour ago

    Reefmancreated the topic: Frag Tank

    Looking for 50 g or less frag tank Rimless preferred

    2 hours ago

    scottlittlereplied to: RE: Frag Shopping

    Lots of people around but one in your own back yard is armydog. Look him up had good results from the ones I have gotten from him.

    2 hours ago

    Fence13replied to: RE: New LED lighting - thoughts?

    I know I like my Kessils a lot, very trusty and bright. Just looking for an upgrade you know?

    3 hours ago

    tangmanreplied to: RE: New LED lighting - thoughts?

    I liked my Kessil A360W lights. I just put them for sale thinking I would try something different. Can never leave well enough alone.

    3 hours ago

    tangmancreated the topic: Vertex Omega 180i

    Wanting to know what people think of this skimmer? Vertex Omega 180I. Thanks

    3 hours ago

    jstngatesreplied to: RE: baby bangai's are here

    Thanks Teri I needed up getting brine eggs at the lfs and they love them. They are growing fast all 6 still alive. I am hatching them in the tank a...

    3 hours ago

    tangmanreplied to: RE: Looking for Nano Tank

    I have a 10 gallon rimless tank, and stand. Has curved corners in the front. No scratches. Can send pictures if interested.

    3 hours ago

    jstngatesreplied to: RE: ISO Amphipod & Copepods

    I have some chaeto for free you'd have to drive to marshalltown

    4 hours ago

    Fence13created the topic: New LED lighting - thoughts?

    So I was looking to replace my Kessil 350W with something that has more control over them.  I have my own opinions about what I'll probably g...

    4 hours ago

    Mattcreated the topic: Looking for Nano Tank

    I was into the Hobby about 2 years ago, but moved about 3-4 time and stuff got to crazy to keep up, but not I am in a hosue prementally, and I would l...

    4 hours ago

    Davereplied to: RE: ISO Amphipod & Copepods

    Just add some chaeto to your refugium and you'll have all the seed you need.

    4 hours ago

    Davecreated the topic: Clam FS

    3-4" Blue Crocea clam for sale.  $45.  We are in the Des Moines area


    4 hours ago

    OperationTidalWavecreated the topic: Black Friday Sale

    Black Friday Sale at use the code BLACKFRIDAY10 to save 10% through Sunday.  Check out our new invent...

    5 hours ago