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  Spring Fest 2014
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Latest News

Spring Fest 2014 was a success!!

Thanks to everyone that helped make Spring Fest another GREAT event!!

Thanks to all the fest planners that put in countless hours of planning

Thanks to all the members that signed up to help on fest day

Thanks to our awesome speakers for taking the time to present to our club

Thanks to all the great vendors for taking our money for some cool frags

Thanks to all the fest sponsors that donated the sweet raffle items

Thanks to everyone that joined us for the day


Mark your calendars now!! The next AWESOME FEST will be held in Cedar Rapids on Nov. 15. 

Clarion hotel and convention center

Guest Speaker : Scott Fellman 

Friday, January 31, 2014/Author: blackx-runner/Number of views (723)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 2.0
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Recent Activity

Allenreplied to: New 20g High Reef Pics

Still debating on the blue's growing on me. Thanks also!Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

3 minutes ago

Bboge13replied to: RE: New 20g High Reef Pics

Looks great!

16 minutes ago

Allenreplied to: New 20g High Reef Pics

Much needed pic update. :) Good bad or indifferent here is where we are. :)Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

19 minutes ago

Travis Greplied to: RE: Feeler: 29 biocube

Posted By HarleyHawk on 04/...

1 hour ago

wouldtickreplied to: RE: Feeler: 29 biocube

Dang, i just bought mine or woudl have jumped on this.

2 hours ago

Travis Greplied to: Re: Feeler: 29 biocube

Lights just came on like I said its in kind of rough shape right now but I will do a big water change and remove as much hair as possible hopefully th...

2 hours ago

Travis Greplied to: Re: Feeler: 29 biocube

2 hours ago

rmclaughlinreplied to: RE: 24G Nano Cube LED Hood

Still for sale. Definitely open to any trades. Surely somebody out there could use this.

2 hours ago

Travis Gcreated the topic: Feeler: 29 biocube

29 biocubeTankStandMarineland hidden blue actinic leds14x3w full spectrum retrofitAquatic life 115 skimmer2-250gph powerheadsFactory lighting still in...

2 hours ago

rmclaughlincreated the topic: FS: Green Polyp Birdnest and Eagle Eye Zoa Colony

I have a Green Polyp Birdnest frag that I'm looking to sell. Most of my tank is devoted to softies and LPS, so I'm moving this one to make mor...

2 hours ago

blackx-runnerreplied to: RE: New to Reef tanks, and this Forum. Des Moines native.

Welcome to the club. You've come to the right place to meet some local saltwater enthusiasts. The Des Moines group is very active. As for the alga...

2 hours ago

D007replied to: Re: LF 29g tank or similar size

I'm open to offers on mine, I may have a spare bulkhead if I can find it. I have spare glass if you'd want it covered. It's empty clean and ready to u...

3 hours ago

Doublednreplied to: RE: WTB: 150g

Whitney a friend of mine just took down a tall 150 gallon acrylic tank with a 125 gallon sump. He has Barracuda return pump, two AI Sol lights, two 10...

3 hours ago

Yuma Tripcreated the topic: ATTENTION - those who trim you corals/toss frags

My tank is very tiny and I was hoping to take any coral scraps if people needed to do any trimming or weeding out of corals due to overgrowth and spac...

4 hours ago

Barkleyreplied to: RE: WTB: 150g

Pm sent

4 hours ago

Allenreplied to: Chance to win $25 gift card @ Coral Haven

Dang it Mike...stop putting this all the less people the better my chances!!! Lol. But really though great idea!Sent from my iPhone using T...

5 hours ago

flwrbedreplied to: RE: For sale drilled 125 gallon tank and supplies

I want the controller and pumps if it falls through ! !

5 hours ago

Whitneycreated the topic: WTB: 150g

Anyone have, or know of someone who has, a 150g for sale?  Preferably a cube but I'm feeling the waters for what's out there. Looking to ...

6 hours ago

hajasreplied to: RE: LF 29g tank or similar size

Thanks for the offers, please PM me or post what you're asking for the tanks. Thanks.

6 hours ago

Yuma Tripreplied to: RE: need tiny frags

Also because of the small parameters of the tank I need corals that only need monthly feedings.

7 hours ago