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Friday, March 20, 2015/Author: Turbo's Aquatics/Number of views (32)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: No rating
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Recent Activity

Drewsterreplied to: RE: Looking for RR Tank

Its not ?x24x24 but close lol I've got a RR Oceanic 75 with the factory smoked glass back. Its the gray granite finish trim and stand.

37 minutes ago

Nishreplied to: RE: fs purple tang

Hello PM sent on a possible trade.

57 minutes ago

Borky00replied to: RE: bulkhead

Ok Sorry I see where I was getting confused on my communication. I did purchased a Slip Bulkhead, there are no threads on the inside of the bulkhead. ...

2 hours ago

Armydogreplied to: RE: WTB Jebao set up

I love them but i need to get the rw20s for my 220g the 15s were perfect for my 155 but not enough when i upgraded

5 hours ago

klmulereplied to: RE: WTB Jebao set up

Didn't like the rw's Donny?

5 hours ago

Fence13created the topic: April Meeting Dates

Hey Everyone,

Let me know what day you would like best for the April Meeting.

5 hours ago

Neptunereplied to: RE: how do I safely add new rock to my

If you have an established system and all your parameters are proper then anything that you want to introduce into that system should be quarantined f...

6 hours ago

Turbo's Aquaticsreplied to: RE: bulkhead

I'm with you David, I am now completely confused.

15 hours ago

blackx-runnerreplied to: RE: bulkhead

Is the inside of your bulkhead threaded? If you bought a slip/slip bulkhead as your first post indicated a 3/4 threaded PVC pipe won't screw into some...

16 hours ago

blackx-runnerreplied to: RE: Looking for RR Tank

AJ moved to Tennessee, I think, a few years ago. As far as I know the tank went with him. I helped him move it out of his house and into storage befor...

16 hours ago

Romanreplied to: RE: Looking for RR Tank

Nice tank. AJ moved to Indianapolis

16 hours ago

nielsen2773created the topic: Looking for RR Tank

I am deciding to get back into the hobby after being out for 7 years, does anyone Know what ever happened to AJ or my old tank I sold him? It was the ...

16 hours ago

tangersreplied to: RE: looking for...

Pm sent

17 hours ago

Borky00replied to: RE: bulkhead

ok That is what I thought after reading your last posts I need to find a 3/4" threaded PVC pipe. I will get to menards tomorrow. i am sure the nut of ...

17 hours ago

Turbo's Aquaticsreplied to: RE: bulkhead

Not, it's not permanent. Thread / thread adapter (called a "riser", $1 at Menard) into a threaded ball valve. You can see the non-threaded part of t...

17 hours ago

blackx-runnerreplied to: RE: bulkhead

Nothing is permanent, its a threaded connection. If i want to take it apart I unscrew it. That piece between the bulkhead and the ball valve is a thre...

17 hours ago

Borky00replied to: RE: bulkhead

ok so that is permanent. There is no way to get that off without sawing it off and replacing the bulkhead and spigot right? That is all I wanted to co...

18 hours ago

Spongereplied to: RE: looking for...

I have some. Need to look to see how much is left. PM me if interested.

18 hours ago

HarleyHawkreplied to: RE: Rotifiers for sale S-Type

PM sent

19 hours ago

blackx-runnerreplied to: RE: bulkhead

Posted By Borky00 on 03/25/2015 4:46 PM
The nut will not fit over the slip side of my adapter. Do they make a thin walled slip/thread male adapter?

20 hours ago