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  Fall Fest 2014
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Fall Fest 2014

Saturday, Nov. 15th


Clarion Hotel and Event Center


Monday, August 04, 2014/Author: blackx-runner/Number of views (402)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: No rating
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Recent Activity

psulionreplied to: RE: FS: Skimmers, sumps, lights, etc.

SWC skimmer pending Please read the ad. I will be in Des Moines . Not going to deliver to Iowa City , etc. thanks

42 minutes ago

pdandyreplied to: RE: Complete 60 gallon cube p/u Bellevue NE $600

I lowered the price on craigslist. Forgot to update this post. Price is dropped to $500 for everything.

51 minutes ago

jeremyreplied to: RE: Scolymia

I remember er seeing some at spring fest but don't remember who had them. I have 2 in my tank and feed them a couple pellets of food once or twice a ...

4 hours ago

D007replied to: Re: Scolymia

Scoly and acans are two different corals, both lps and look similar tho. Some are cheaper and easier care some are expensive and difficult. Sent from ...

4 hours ago

Gordoreplied to: RE: Scolymia

Yes, there are usual scoly's there. Price ranges fomr $100 to a few hundred dollars pending on size and price.

4 hours ago

aussiereplied to: RE: Scolymia


4 hours ago

DangerJreplied to: RE: Complete 60 gallon cube p/u Bellevue NE $600

Your ad here states $600, the CL ad shows $500. Could this please be clarified?

5 hours ago

Turnerreplied to:

Are you selling that hippo tang?

5 hours ago

Fragcreationscreated the topic: Jebao Pumps/Dosers

We now carry Jebao Pumps and Dosers, if anyone is interested in purchasing or starting a Groupby please let us know, Our last GB went really well and ...

5 hours ago

AdamLawrencereplied to:

Price change $550

5 hours ago

Borky00replied to: RE: Am I sick?

I put some tank water in a cup, thaw for a few minutes, and then use a small eye dropper type device to squirt a little into the tank slowly because h...

6 hours ago

aussiereplied to: RE: Am I sick?

The frozen mysis are you thawing it with tank water and dumping the water part adding new tank water?

6 hours ago

xroadsreplied to: RE: Am I sick?

Being alone in there may have alot to do with it. It really intimidates/stresses fish when there aren't any others around.

7 hours ago

Borky00replied to: RE: Am I sick?

I tried freeze dried mysis but it did not want any of that. I just dropped that in the tank maybe I need to hydrate it first. I will try the froze...

7 hours ago

Borky00replied to: RE: 135 w/ oak Stand & Canopy FS

When you say there are a couple scratches on it do you mean the stand or the tank? Also does the T5 light come with it?

7 hours ago

Spongereplied to: RE: 135 w/ oak Stand & Canopy FS

These are the only FT shots I have in Photobucket but everything looks the same.

14 hours ago

Spongecreated the topic: 135 w/ oak Stand & Canopy FS

Just wanted to get this out  for everyone to see  My 135g acrylic tank (72"long x18"wide x 24" high) with solid oak stand and...

14 hours ago

JTFraggin19replied to: RE: Everything must go!!!

All items sold.

17 hours ago

aussiereplied to: RE: Am I sick?

My one loves mysis shrimp, takes a few flakes too there carnivores

17 hours ago

Kpotter2replied to: Personal Message - accessing messages beyond first page

The last time I check I was able to do it. I will check again first chance I get. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

17 hours ago