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  Fall Fest 2014
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Upcoming Events
  • Waterloo/Cedar Falls October meeting (10/25/2014 1:00 PM)
    10/25/2014 1:00 PM

    Waterloo/Cedar Falls October meeting

    Please come out to Anemones, Clowns and Corals Saturday October 25th 1pm. We will we having a state of the region meeting. We hope to engage in productive conversation on how to better serve the region and increase participation. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

    Bullet points for October event.

    -PIZZA -> well get some pizza at the Anemones Clowns and Corals!

    -DOOR PRIZES we will have door prizes for all whom attend.

    -Discuss ideas on how to grow and better serve the region.

    -Try to identify other persons in the region willing to help plan events.

    - I have a chlorine test kit from Bulk Reef Supply that I will split up to others in the region to help build the BRS chloramines database.

    -We will have a tank tour soon, so we need to identify persons willing to show off there set ups.

    -Set up Fall Fest carpools

    -Possibly watch some Mr Saltwater Tank videos

    This is a member event and a great time to become a member or renew. But if your not a member and want to check it out. Everyone gets to attend one event a year member or not.
    Read more
  • Fall Fest 2014 (11/15/2014 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
    11/15/2014 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Fall Fest 2014

    Saturday, Nov. 15th


    Clarion Hotel and Event Center


    Location: Clarion

    Read more
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Sunday, October 12, 2014/Author: blackx-runner/Number of views (46)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: No rating
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Recent Activity

PotRoastreplied to: RE: Oh no! Please Not Bryopsis!

If you are using Tech M correctly there have been countless documented success stories. But you have to do it correctly to have any hope for success. ...

13 minutes ago

Zachreplied to: RE: Oh no! Please Not Bryopsis!

Water changes water changes water changes. After my fight with the big B. I learned what I had feared and hoped. That its just another algae. TechM an...

54 minutes ago

beckerj3replied to: RE: PAR METER

Hey Justin - did you get the PAR meter over the weekend?  How soon do you think you will be done with it and when can I get it?


3 hours ago

Justin S.replied to: Oh no! Please Not Bryopsis!

As far as identification: I have confirmed it is bryopsis. I dipped my frags in 25/25/50 saltwater water / ro water / hydrogen peroxide for 10-15 minu...

4 hours ago

Justin S.replied to: Oh no! Please Not Bryopsis!

Can anybody tell me if this is correct: I'm trying m tech right now. Since last Friday I've been dosing 90mL / day for my 120 gallons of water. I have...

4 hours ago

gettaReefreplied to: RE: 48" Coralife 2x150wMH and 2x96wPC fixture

Im definitely interested if it's priced good. I have a 75gal with a Odyssea fixture very similar to this (very cheaply made). I also plan on upgrading...

15 hours ago

wichersreplied to: RE: Salute to the hobbyist Ames Iowa.

Sioux Falls Aquatics will be making the drive to set up for you coral goers!! I've been to many GIRS FESTS in the past so hope to see some familiar fa...

15 hours ago

MXC207replied to: RE: Powder Brown for sale in CR

Fish sold.

15 hours ago

JBreplied to: RE: Moving - Selling Entire System

Bump. I'm going to be moving next wee and I still have quite a bit of live rock left that needs to go. Would be a shame to see it dry out. Make me...

16 hours ago

Kungpaoshizireplied to: RE: bristle worm all over my finger

I do a vinegar soak on all my rocks I get now.. bristle's overran a tank before in a few weeks when I didn't pay attention at night..

16 hours ago

Kungpaoshizireplied to: RE: Oh no! Please Not Bryopsis!

+1 to peroxide, recently tried tech m and it didn't work.

16 hours ago

Kungpaoshizireplied to: RE: Bang for Buck RODI??

Just buy generic canisters, get the .5 micron spectrapure sediment/carbon, and then a high-silicate membrane, silicate resin for a canister, and 5 lbs...

16 hours ago

Kungpaoshizicreated the topic: 48" Coralife 2x150wMH and 2x96wPC fixture

Anyone interested? Moved to led's, just seeing if anyone would even want it..

It's this one here:

17 hours ago

SGMreplied to: RE: 36 gal bowfront setup

Forgot to mention that the pvc you see in the left side hanging down is not part of the plumbing for the tank. That is my water change system.

18 hours ago

blackx-runnerreplied to: RE: Aiptasia

I don't know that peppermints will go after the larger ones you already have. I would try to get the big ones, and ones you can get to easily with kal...

18 hours ago

REEFS4MEreplied to: RE: FS 240 Glass tank, 75 G Acrylic Sump, Turbo Algae Scrubber L4

PMs responded to. Still available at this time.

19 hours ago

mpivitcreated the topic: Ocean Revive Leds

I don't want to right a huge review, but I have been running a very old version of their Leds for about 20 months and wanted to give a shout out to Bo...

19 hours ago

mikesams05p71replied to: RE: algae in sump question

Nevermind. I got it figured out.

23 hours ago

oddhobbies101replied to: RE: Selling livestock

Posted By oddhobbies101 on 10/19/2014 10:23 AM

Posted By oddhobbies101 on 10/18/2014 12:02 PM

Im getting ready to move and i would rather move a...

1 day ago

SGMcreated the topic: 36 gal bowfront setup

36 gal tank drilled with overflow and return line. No glass top Custom made stand 200 watt heater 10 gal sump oceanic bio cube skimmer quite one...

1 day ago