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  Fall Fest 2014
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Fall Fest 2014

Saturday, Nov. 15th


Clarion Hotel and Event Center


Monday, August 04, 2014/Author: blackx-runner/Number of views (415)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: No rating
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Recent Activity

Justin S.created the topic: WTB: Really Cool Blue Zoa's & Red Zoa's

WTB: Blue Zoa's

8 minutes ago

Justin S.replied to: RE: frags for sale

I am interested in the ring of fire zoas.  You can call me or txt me a time to come by.  I'm free friday evening, all this weekend, and ...

18 minutes ago

Justin S.created the topic: Oh no! Please Not Bryopsis!

Oh no! Not Bryopsis!

59 minutes ago

abowercreated the topic: big o sore on blenny

Anyone have experience with this condition (see photo)? Is on side of midas blenny. Does not seem to bother him.

1 hour ago

SGMcreated the topic: frags for sale

Rain has slowed down fall harvest so have a few days to play with corals and need to thin them down a bit. Majority of frags are $10 and go up. Don'...

2 hours ago

Reefmanreplied to: RE: Frustrating Cloudy Water Issue

Posted By PotRoast on 1...

2 hours ago

Reefmanreplied to: RE: WTB: RODI system

Pm sent

2 hours ago

joshgimerreplied to:

Sweet, that's a great sale

3 hours ago

Pete78replied to: RE: Frustrating Cloudy Water Issue

That sounds good. Thanks for all the info everyone. I will try to run the HOB's for awhile. Anyone suggest a good UV sterilizer? I haven't run UV...

3 hours ago

FishBrainreplied to: RE: Frustrating Cloudy Water Issue

I would do as suggested above and run a micron filter and a uv steralizer.

4 hours ago

Whiteycreated the topic: $ a gallon is back

I got an email saying that the $ per gallon sale is back at Petco until 10/11.

5 hours ago

Turbo's Aquaticsreplied to: RE: Filter Sock Group Buy

Justin & Casey I got you in on this. I got a few extra 7x16s and 4x14s as well. Sent off the request today, I'll pay it tomorrow Bud

5 hours ago

Jamiecreated the topic: CoralVue Metal Halied 250 - 400 watt Lumen Bright Dimmable LEDs and T5HO Fixture

Still have this for sale and since no one seems to want MH anymore I'm reducing the price to $250!!!  This fixture cost $1700 new a few ...

5 hours ago

Romanreplied to: RE: WTB: RODI system

Pm sent

5 hours ago

Borky00replied to: RE: Used 125 with sump, return pump at AC&C

PM Sent

8 hours ago

Turnerreplied to:

Well if you are ever going to sell it, let me know

10 hours ago

aussiereplied to: RE: Scolymia

Thanks might have too make a trip out to coral haven after fallfest

11 hours ago

PotRoastreplied to: RE: Frustrating Cloudy Water Issue

I have had that happen once in the past. It was a bacterial bloom. I ran two Hot Magnum HOB filters for a few days and it cleared it up. I have two of...

11 hours ago

xroadscreated the topic: Used 125 with sump, return pump at AC&C

Hey all

I have a two year old 125 that is reef ready with sump & return pump.  It also has homemade stand that you can have as well.


12 hours ago

DangerJcreated the topic: WTB: RODI system

Looking to purchase a full setup or any related equipment that's available. I'm in West Des Moines. Thanks!

12 hours ago