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  Fall Fest 2014
Cedar Rapids, IA ● GIRS Events Page
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Latest News

Spring Fest 2014 was a success!!

Thanks to everyone that helped make Spring Fest another GREAT event!!

Thanks to all the fest planners that put in countless hours of planning

Thanks to all the members that signed up to help on fest day

Thanks to our awesome speakers for taking the time to present to our club

Thanks to all the great vendors for taking our money for some cool frags

Thanks to all the fest sponsors that donated the sweet raffle items

Thanks to everyone that joined us for the day


Mark your calendars now!! The next AWESOME FEST will be held in Cedar Rapids on Nov. 15. 

Clarion hotel and convention center

Guest Speaker : Scott Fellman 

Friday, January 31, 2014/Author: blackx-runner/Number of views (1266)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 2.0
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Recent Activity

Spongereplied to: RE: 90s up!

Looks good:0) Have you considered painting the back wall to hide the pvc? Fu Man Ch lion?

8 minutes ago

Turnerreplied to:

The temp is set at 75 and my tank is at 80, the heater is on for some reason. Yes it does turn off when I pull it out of the tank and turn it down

23 minutes ago

Spongereplied to: RE: Desmoines trustee

I'm interested in having the DIY Food event! :0) Soon!

33 minutes ago

hajasreplied to: RE: Filter Sock Group Buy

I would like 24 of the 4x11 200m. Let me know how you want to handle payment and I will plan on picking them up from your place again. Thanks.

35 minutes ago

areefoffaithreplied to: RE: fs tenecore 250

custom made tenecor with black overflows on the ends

57 minutes ago

abowerreplied to: RE: FINALLY finished the 40 stand...

Good job building it in. Crisp corners really make it blend to the existing

1 hour ago

Turnercreated the topic: Trade for yellow tang

I have a yellow tang that I might be interested in trading for a coral/corals or another fish.

1 hour ago

gburkartreplied to: RE: FINALLY finished the 40 stand...

very cool

1 hour ago

bobsfishreplied to:

Very nice. I really like peninsula tanks. Compliments your room well.

1 hour ago

Zachreplied to: Re: FINALLY finished the 40 stand...

AND Done...!!

1 hour ago

Zachreplied to: Re: 90s up!

Coraled ajd good to go!

1 hour ago

GoodGreefreplied to: RE: Heater is not turning off

Thanks for the info. I guess the best way is for me to monitor it and check the graph readings every week to see how much it fluxuates. So far it is o...

2 hours ago

GoodGreefreplied to: RE: 75 gallon-The beginning

2 hours ago

GoodGreefreplied to: RE: 75 gallon-The beginning

So the algae scrubber is working better than expected thus far. I had a day or two of brown slime and now I have green hair exploding on the screen. R...

2 hours ago

vikubzreplied to: RE: Help identifying these really small worm / fluttering things.

Lots of small worms of various sorts are common in reef tanks. I have spaghetti worms galore, as well as many other types including the ever popular b...

2 hours ago

Turnerreplied to:

Well I got it to shut off and now it kicked back on so I guess we will see if it turns off

3 hours ago

tangersreplied to: RE: skimmer, UV , magnet, koralias

Pics sent to those interested and pms replied.

4 hours ago

Davereplied to: RE: Heater is not turning off

It depends. How much heat are you getting from pumps, lights etc. I think it is sufficient but could vary depending upon your situation. For example...

6 hours ago

Zoobiereplied to: RE: Filter Sock Group Buy

The 14 inch ones will work

7 hours ago

Zoobiecreated the topic: Desmoines trustee

Looking for people that would be interested in being more involved in the club. Would start grooming you for the trustee position. Please pm me if y...

8 hours ago