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Tuesday, December 02, 2014/Author: blackx-runner/Number of views (108)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: No rating
Categories: Uncategorized
Recent Activity

violet21chewycreated the topic: petco-dollar per gallon sale

heads up- I believe the tank sale starts on the 28th.



18 minutes ago

blackx-runnerreplied to: RE: Too much light for an anemone?

I would think an anemone would move if it was not happy with the lighting. Crawl into a dark hole or a shady spot. If it is out and looks good I would...

23 minutes ago

MXC207replied to: RE: Too much light for an anemone?

I run my sols and vegas around 90%.

3 hours ago

Blazereplied to: RE: Too much light for an anemone?

I run 2 AI SOL Blues about 10 inches from the water surface over a 60 gallon with both blues set on 100% and whites on 60%. I have SPS, LPS, Softies a...

3 hours ago

Tony L.replied to: RE: Too much light for an anemone?

Nope. Just the bubble tip and fish at this point

5 hours ago

Romanreplied to: RE: Too much light for an anemone?

90%seems kinda high for me already. Do you have any other corals in your tank.

5 hours ago

Tony L.created the topic: Too much light for an anemone?

Is there such a thing? I know that you can burn out corals under light that is too intense; does this hold true for anemones as well? I just got a bu...

5 hours ago

Danimalreplied to: RE: adding a dimmer to led?

I would like a light for my biocube this light is to powerful

7 hours ago

Armydogreplied to: RE: adding a dimmer to led?

How much lol

8 hours ago

Danimalreplied to: RE: adding a dimmer to led?

Ok with that being said anyone need a full power blue/white led light

8 hours ago

Armydogreplied to: RE: Giving away corals tonight !

Well crap i wish i would have seen this earlier.

10 hours ago

Armydogreplied to: RE: adding a dimmer to led?

Those particular leds may not be able to dim. You have to have a certain power supply to dim. I could be wrong though

10 hours ago

Spongereplied to: RE: Downsizing Many Things Available

Thread moved:

11 hours ago

Spongecreated the topic: FS: 30g Drilled Tank & Other

30"L x 12"W x 19"H  drilled with back painted black $60

(2)  9.5 Mag (Pondmaster) pump w/ new extra impeller $65 each...

11 hours ago

Spongereplied to: RE: looking for coral

Well, I will chime in also. I have frags for sale and I live in Marshalltown.

12 hours ago

jstngatesreplied to: RE: corals/other stuff for sale

Utter chaos, fruit loops sold

18 hours ago

scottlittlereplied to: RE: mushrooms for sale or trade

There gone. Traded this weekend. Thanks for the other inquiries about them.

18 hours ago

thunderfun91replied to: RE: 40g breeder and ext tank mount

40 galllon breeder sold Ext tank mount still available Also have eshopps large rectangle sock holder with 5 socks for sale also

19 hours ago

Nikreplied to: RE: PAR METER

I got new leds and would like to use the Par Meter.

21 hours ago

Nikcreated the topic: 72" 1070W Metal Halide System Advance Plus

MH bulbs are 3 months old T5s are 1 month and I have a few spare ones. Asking 300.00 OBO. Pictures on request.


21 hours ago