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  Fall Fest 2014
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Fall Fest 2014

Saturday, Nov. 15th


Clarion Hotel and Event Center


Monday, August 04, 2014/Author: blackx-runner/Number of views (295)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: No rating
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Nikreplied to: RE: no importing of the 20 threatened corals

Looks like the USFWS May have jumped the gun on this. I am trying to verify it now. This is from R2E. "The Good Catch - A Fisheries Centric Blog...

38 minutes ago

xroadsreplied to: RE: no importing of the 20 threatened corals

This is not good, and I am concerned about which  way it will go.


The real problem is, that acros are so hard to identify anyway, so...

56 minutes ago

Zachreplied to:

I have one hit me. It's a hob skimmer works pretty damn well. Needs a new pump the last one blew up. But uses a maxi 1200 so nothing more than 12 buck...

59 minutes ago

Zachreplied to:

More ridgid actually. Tempered glass had a higher tensile strength than non tempered glass. As we know glass is a liquid. Tempered glass is specially ...

1 hour ago

Chlorareplied to: RE: Sept. Meeting

Hope to see everyone there. I am not sure if I will make it or not. I am house sitting and helping out watching my grand-daughter while I am here in W...

1 hour ago

Chloracreated the topic: Sept. Meeting

The planned Fragging Demo is postponed due to Bill hurting his back.


We are having this months planned club meeting this Sat Sept 20th ...

1 hour ago

Chlorareplied to: RE: True Full Region :)

Plan on it!!! Once things settle down in a few weeks I plan on getting back into full swing with the promoting again, lol. Our Facebook page is up to ...

1 hour ago

Kpotter2replied to: September Meeting 2014

Goodies! We need more members to come. I know there is more then 2 IC/CR members out there. Hope to see you there! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

1 hour ago

Maureencreated the topic: no importing of the 20 threatened corals

no importing of the 20 threatened corals

2 hours ago

mpivitreplied to:

It's a good deal.Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk

2 hours ago

GoodGreefreplied to: RE: Mac users, is this a good deal?

It's not a terrible deal for a Mac. I found lots of working PCs with similar specs and even laptops from 2008-2010 for $75-$100. I do some PC repa...

3 hours ago

stewreplied to: RE: New corals posted

Very nice looking corals.

4 hours ago

Kpotter2replied to: Mac users, is this a good deal?

Bud that's a great deal and I am a huge PC fan. Been working on them for a long time. You may also run windows on them because they have an intel CPU....

6 hours ago

Mikereplied to:

that small of a tank could build your own with enough YouTube searching

7 hours ago

rhymechizelreplied to: RE: New Tank, Pics of build and cloudy water question

Thanks! Maybe eventually I will try the no canopy look. My last tank had a conopy and I didnt even think about going without one.

8 hours ago

OperationTidalWavecreated the topic: New corals posted

New corals posted online - fungia, scolys, acans and more!





8 hours ago

BigBreplied to: RE: New Tank, Pics of build and cloudy water question

Yea that looks awesome, nice work..

9 hours ago

mikesams05p71created the topic: FS/FT 55 and 20 Gallons

Have a 20 long with heavy duty 2x4 stand that's painted black ( looks good ). Includes tank, stand, small hob filter, and heater. Tearing down today ...

9 hours ago