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Burlington Region Christmas Party

Burlington Region Christmas Party

Wednesday, November 19, 2014/Author: Chlora/Number of views (53)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: No rating
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Kpotter2replied to: RE: Thanksgiving

Right back at you Rod!

57 minutes ago

Placidreplied to: RE: Insurance lessons

Posted By Ray/Jen_Reefin on 11/26/2014 8:10 AM

Yes speaking from experience!  Insurance companys can be very difficult to deal with in insuran...

3 hours ago

Borky00created the topic: ISO Amphipod & Copepods

I am looking to seed some Amphipod & Copepods into my Refugium would anyone have some I can purchase?

3 hours ago

Chris C.replied to: RE: CUC order

Duplicate that for me.

4 hours ago


He is still building them! They are really nice!

5 hours ago

joshgimerreplied to:

Happy thanksgiving

5 hours ago

jeremyreplied to: RE: Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving

5 hours ago

HarleyHawkcreated the topic: Thanksgiving

Safe Thanksgiving

5 hours ago

Reefmanreplied to: RE: Looking to get back into saltwater

Responded to pm

6 hours ago

Reefmanreplied to: RE: Fish For Sale

Flame pending pick up Sailfin Six line Clown pair still available

6 hours ago

b_brazreplied to: RE: Fish For Sale

Txt me if you can 5634199204. Willing to take your 6 line and angel.

6 hours ago

beckerj3replied to: RE: CUC order

Thanks  Maureen...

I'm planning to get the following:


7 hours ago

abowerreplied to: RE: Insurance lessons

Thanks for the research. Had my breaker panel installed in 08. Must of been a laps when he told me all outlets.

7 hours ago

Zachcreated the topic: 40 breeder sump and light

Got a 40b proflex three sump and dual 250 hqi for sale. All bulbs almost new under 3 months. lights maristar dual 250 hqi woth two t5ho. Proflex th...

7 hours ago

b_brazreplied to: RE: Looking to get back into saltwater

I actually havnt posted anything yet, but I have a pretty nice tall 60gal acrylic corner tank. I havn't put a price on it yet but I'm open to offers. ...

7 hours ago

Zachcreated the topic: 75 r stand sump and pump

75 reef ready. Black stand proflex model 3 sump return pump. Spare filter socks Asking 250 all you need is a light and skimmer!

7 hours ago

Zachreplied to: RE: dual 250 hqi for sale 36"

Hump day bump day

7 hours ago

Hermancreated the topic: ALTERNATIVE REEF STATUE

I have a alternative reef custom made frag statue for sale. These statues are extremely rare and I don,t know if he is still building these statues an...

9 hours ago

GoodGreefreplied to: RE: Black Box Fish Question

Thanks for the thoughts. I may give it a go.

12 hours ago

gburkartreplied to:

Lol bike is really loud anyways.i started bike and felt exhaust hiting my leg, turned it off I knew right away what happened.least it's gonna be in th...

14 hours ago