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For Sale 310 Gallon Beauty looking for a new home

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Rookie..., Mar 26, 2021.

  1. Rookie...

    Iowa City
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    Reef ready 310 gallon square Tank, Purchased new from GlassCages.com in 2013 and never moved. The tank itself is amazing and no scratches and in beautiful condition. I am only selling this because I either need to put more time and money into it or get out. Right now I am short on time and don't have extra money to put into it. I have throughly enjoyed having this tank in our living room and hope whoever purchases it will take it to the next level. This is a VERY large and heavy tank. It took 6 guys and a skid loader to get in into the house and I'm sure it will be a tedious effort to get it out. Whoever purchases this will be in charge of getting the livestock and all rocks out so that any scratches that may occur won't be from me:). I have taken great care of this tank to make sure as to not leave any scratches and would hate to see it damaged.

    The price is $1497 and includes:
    **Tank dimensions: 49.5"x48"x30"
    **Oak Base and Topper: 51"x51"x 5'8" (interior base height, 21.5")
    **.75" Starphire or Low-iron glass on 3 sides
    **5 predrilled holes in overflow(3 are for 1.5 inch pipes, the other 2 are smaller)
    **black acrylic overflow cover
    **Black Silicone
    **Live Rock and Sand
    **180 Gallon sump pre drilled for Hammerhead pump
    **Reeflo Hammerhead-barracuda Pump(replaced a couple years ago)
    **50px-x Pan World Water Pump(Purchased new 2013)
    **200 GPD Aquatic Lif RO Automatic top off water system
    **5 Maxspect Mazarra P-series LED Lighting system(Purchased new 2013, most likely need replaced)

    cleaning crew
    2 watchman gobi
    2 large Mono Argentus
    1 large yellow belly blue tang(born 2012)
    1 flame angelfish
    1 medium coral beauty angelfish
    1 medium Singapore angelfish
    1 short spine sea urchin
    1 black and white clownfish
    1 three stripe damselfish
    and a couple more I'm sure.

    Not included but available for extra $:
    **2 Ace-Roto Mold enclosed RO mixing tanks
    **1 black, 70 gallon Rubbermaid open holding tank. I had been using it to hold a live rock and have stopped running water through it a couple years back.

    I understand whoever purchases this will not be able to move it within the day. So whoever provides me with the money first will get all the items they want and anything left over I will sell. The buyer can take their time moving what they want, when it works for their schedule. I just want it to go to a good home and to someone who can take it to the next level of coolness.










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